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64-bit BIOS Installation Utility

64-bit BIOS Installation Utility

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Our utility to allow for BIOS upgrades in a native 64-bit environment (WinPE) is now available.  

Download it HERE

Install Instructions:


-          Download the BIOS executable for the specific system that you are going to update and place it in a directory of your choice.

-          Download Flash64W.exe and place it in the same directory as the BIOS executable.

-          Open a Windows command prompt and go to the directory above

-          Run Flash64W.exe /b=BIOSExecutableName.exe

  • Ex: Flash64W.exe /b=XPS_9350_112.exe

NOTE: This is for Client systems only.

Please leave questions in the comment area below.

  • Is there any documentation for this for things like exit codes, or a list of compatible systems?

  • To save others the hassle, I found an exit code of 2 in the log file created.  If you're using SCCM/OSD, just add 2 to the list of success codes on the option tab and the TS item won't error out and give you the 15 minute countdown.

    I created a package with Flash64W.exe in the root, and then the latest BIOS for each model in a subfolder.  The Run Command Line item to flash looks like this:

    Flash64W.exe /b=.\XPS9360\XPS_9360_1.3.2.exe /s

    Because we have some really old BIOS versions out there on older models, I couldn't get too fancy with detection (the CCTK and PowerShell modules require certain levels of BIOS to function properly).  I just use wmi queries to look for make/model/BIOS version and then install the appropriate BIOS.  Immediately after I use a "wpeutil reboot" step to restart immediately.

  • The syntax for this tool can be found on: