ImageAssist Virtual Machine Tutorials by David Urdiales

One of ImageAssist best practices is to use a virtual environment to create our golden image. We can leverage ImageAssist with a Virtual Machine to create and maintain a cross-platform deployable Windows image. Using a virtual environment provides an advantage with keeping up with operating system changes and upgrades, as well as, avoiding issues with system drivers. 

This is why, though we can create our image using a physical Dell system, we still recommend the use of a virtual machine. Below are some video tutorials for three different virtual machine solutions. The tutorials were made using an OEM download copy of Windows 10. In the videos we demonstrate how to create our Reference image that will later progress to your maintenance image then finally your Golden image for deployment. The virtual machine solutions used are:

Microsoft Hyper-V can be added as a feature in Windows 10 with no additional cost. VirtualBox is also a free solution download as to VMWare Workstation is not. Below are the Tutorial video for each platform. We don't recommend using the VM to create the USB Drive for our Dell PE Key. It's best to use the host to create the USB Drive. Please see the link ImageAssist - Create USB Drive  for more information.

NOTE: Depending on your VM host, in regards to VM resources, 2GB of Memory and 2 Processors is acceptable as a bare minimum. However, the process may take longer. All videos listed were trimmed to save time for the purpose of the tutorial.

ImageAssist - Hyper-V Tutorial

Hyper-V does not support Win7 UEFI (Generation 2), it only supports Win7 MBR (Generation 1).  

ImageAssist - VirtualBox Tutorial

(Please install 'Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack' along with VirtualBox)

 ImageAssist - VMWare Tutorial

 ImageAssist - Non OEM Windows install Tutorial

The purpose of this video is to illustrate how a non OEM version of Windows 10 procedure looks like. The build of the VM was done in VMWare Workstation, but the capture process remains the same as illustrated in the VirtualBox and Hyper-V tutorials.

 The links below provide a more comprehensive understanding to each process of the Dell ImageAssist tool:

Feel free to either call or email us with any additional assistance needed or questions you may have. Here's how to contact our ImageAssist Help Desk: