The TPM has industry-standard failure mechanisms which will not be addressed in the scope of this document. For triage of industry-standard TPM problems, consult the TCG TPM documentation, or OS vendor documentation. Helpful resources:

For Windows 8 (targeted at TPM 1.2 and 2.0):

For Windows 7 (targeted at TPM 1.2):

For General TCG info:


TPM concerns due to mode selection:

Windows 7 using TPM 2.0:

TPM 2.0 is not currently supported by Dell in Windows 7, and the recommended TPM mode is 1.2. 

If TPM 2.0 is enabled in Windows 7, users may experience the following behaviors:

  • The TPM device is not present in Device manager.
  • The TPM.msc console will report that the TPM is not present.
  • Windows 7 TPM tools, such as manage-bde.exe may fail to find the TPM, and may report errors.

Windows 10 using TPM 1.2:

Dell recommends using Windows 10 with the TPM in 2.0 mode.  Newer Windows 10 security features may not be available when the TPM is in 1.2 mode.  For the latest information on available TPM 1.2 and 2.0 features in Windows 10, please consult Microsoft documentation.