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Dell Family Driver Packs

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Dell Family Driver Packs

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Family Pack Downloader (ImageAssist Module) is a tool developed by Dell Configuration Services that enables you to download the latest Dell Family Driver Packs for your Dell systems. This tool allows you to configure and select different Dell models, OS and BITS versions to customize which Family Driver Packs you will get. Each time the tool is re-launched it can check for new versions based on the configurations you selected previously and keep your Family Driver Packs up to the currently released version. Download the latest release using the link below:

 DOWNLOAD v1.0.0.10 (released April 20, 2017) Release Notes

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The driver packs on this page work with ImageAssist, KACE, MDT & SCCM deployments.  They are consolidated, combining models by generation rather than being model specific.  These packs are developed and sustained by Dell's Global Configuration Services group.  For support, please post comments directly to this page.

Drivers used during the development process have been tested and qualified by our Dell Product Group for both platform and factory integration.  There are times when newer drivers are provided by vendors, but in order to get these drivers to customers more quickly they are validated and posted online to  (where Dell Command Update pulls from) These updated drivers if deemed required or critical will be tested, validated and integrated into the factory process during a future release.  Hence, there may be a delta between when a driver is ‘web-posted’ to and when it gets added to the relevant driver package.

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Windows 7 Family Packs

Note: For Windows 7 & M.2 NVMe native support refer to the following articles:

Custom Images, OEM Images, MDT 2013, SCCM 2007, SCCM 2012

 More information on NVMe @

Latitude & Mobile Precision Bit Level Included Models Windows 7
M3800 X64 M3800,M3800TB, M3800TBT, M3800T A04 (05/04/15)
E9 Latitude Family X64 3380,3480,3580,E5480,E5580,7280,7480,7380 A12 (05/30/18)
X86  3480,3580,E5480,E5580,7280,7480,7380
E9 Latitude Rugged Family X64 7212 A03 (03/29/18)
X86  n/a
E8 Latitude Family X64 3350,3470,3570,E5270,E5470,E5570,E7270,E7470,7370 A30 (02/14/18)
X86 3350,E3350,3470,3570,E5270,E5470,E5570,E7270,E7470
E8 Latitude Rugged Family X64 7414,5414,7214 A14 (03/29/18)
X86 7414,5414,7214
E7 Latitude Family X64 3160,3460,3560 A18 (02/14/18)
X86 3460,3560
MWS7 Precision Mobile Workstation  X64 3520,5520,7520,7720 A06 (03/29/18)
MWS6 Precision Mobile Workstation  X64 5510,7710,7510,3510 A21 (08/30/17)
E6 Latitude Family X64 3150,3450,3550,E5250,5250,E5450,5450,E5550,5550,E7250,7250,E7450,7450 A22 (12/13/16)
X86 3450,3550,E5250,5250,E5450,5450,E5550,5550,E7250,7250,E7450,7450
E6 Family XFR X64 5404,7204,7404 A07 (12/13/16)
X86 5404,7204,7404
MWS5 Precision Mobile Workstation X64 M2800,M4800,M6800 A15 (08/01/16)
X86 M2800,M4800,M6800
E5 Latitude 3x40  X64 3340 ,3440 ,3540 A11 (02/03/16)
X86 3340, 3440, 3540
E5 Latitude Family  X64 E5440,E5540,E6440,E6540,E7240,E7440 A17 (01/04/17)
X86 E5440,E5540,E6440,E6540,E7240,E7440
E4 Latitude Family  X64 3330,6430U,E5430,E5530,E6230,E6330,E6430,E6430s,E6530,M4700,M6700   A14 (12/11/14)
X86 3330,6430U,E5430,E5530,E6230,E6330,E6430,E6430s,E6530,M4700,M6700  
E3 Latitude Family  X64 13,E5420,E5420m,E5520,E6220,E6320,E6420,E6520,M4600,M6600,XT2  A02 (01/23/13)
X86 13,E5420,E5420m,E5520,E6220,E6320,E6420,E6520,M4600,M6600,XT2
E2 Latitude Family  X64 E4310,E5410,E5510,E6410,E6510,M4500,M6500  A02 (06/23/14)
X86 E4310,E5410,E5510,E6410,E6510,M4500,M6500,Z600 
E1 Latitude Family  X64 E4200,E4300,E6400,E6500,M2400,M4400,M6400  A03 (06/19/14)
X86 E4200,E4300,E5400,E5500,E6400,E6500,M2400,M4400,M6400
OptiPlex Bit Level Included Models Windows 7
D8 OptiPlex Family  X64 5250AIO,7450AIO,3050,3050AIO,5050,7050 A12 (05/30/18)
X86 5250AAIO,7450AIO,3050,3050AIO,5050,7050
D7 OptiPlex Family  X64 3040,3240,7040,5040,7440AIO,3046 A22 (03/29/18)
X86 3040,3240,7040,5040,7440AIO,3046
D6 OptiPlex Family  X64 3030,7020,9030,3030AIO,9030AIO,3020M,9020M   A18 (03/20/17)
X86 3030,7020,9030,3030AIO,9030AIO,3020M,9020M  
D5 OptiPlex 3011 X64 3011,3011 AIO,3011AIO,3011-AIO A04 (02/17/15)
X86 3011,3011 AIO,3011AIO,3011-AIO
D5 OptiPlex Family  X64 9020,9020AIO,XE2,3020 A29 (12/14/16)
X86 9020,9020AIO,XE2,3020
D4 OptiPlex Family  X64 3010,7010,9010,9010AIO A07 (05/30/14)
X86 3010,7010,9010,9010AIO
D3 OptiPlex Family  X64 390,790,990 A03 (07/12/13)
X86 390,790,990
D2 OptiPlex Family  X64 380,780,980,XE A01 (10/08/12)
X86 380,780,980,XE
D1 OptiPlex Family  X64 760,960 A01 (10/08/12)
X86 360,760,960
Precision Workstation Bit Level Included Models Windows 7
WS8 Precision WS Family X64 5720AIO,7820,7920,5820 A15 (03/29/18)
WS7 Precision WS Family X64 3420,3620  A20 (03/29/18)
X86 3420,3620 
WS6 Precision WS Family X64 R7910,T5810,T7810,T7910,R7910XL,T5810XL,T7810XL,T7910XL,7910,5810,7810  A26 (03/29/18)
WS5 Precision WS Family X64 R7610,T1700,T3610,T5610,T7610  A15 (06/26/16)
X86 R7610,T1700,T3610,T5610,T7610 
WS4 Precision WS Family X64 T1600,T1650,T3600,T5600,T7600  A05 (05/30/14)
X86 T1600,T1650,T3600,T5600,T7600 
WS3 Precision WS Family X64 R5400,R5500,T3500,T5500,T7500 A01 (10/08/12)
X86 R5400,R5500,T3500,T5500,T7500
XPS Notebook Bit Level Included Models Windows 7
XPS4 Family x64 139350 A06 (12/02/16)
XPS3 Family X64 9343,139343 A02 (07/22/15)
X86 9343, 139343 
XPS2 Family X64 9333,139333,15-9530,159530,9530 A03 (04/22/15)
X86 9333, 139333 
XPS1 Family X64 L321X,L322X,L421X,L521X  A01 (01/08/13)
X86 L321X,L322X 
Vostro Bit Level This driver pack supports APJ factory use only Windows 7
Vostro D8 x64 CHENGMING3967 A02 (02/14/18)

Windows 8.1 Family Packs
Latitude & Mobile Precision Bit Level Included Models Windows 8.1
M3800 X64 M3800,M3800TB, M3800TBT, M3800T A04 (05/04/15)
MWS7 Precision  Mobile Workstation X64 3520,5520,7520,7720 A06 (03/29/18)
E9 Latitude Family X64 3380,3480,3580,E5480,E5580,7280,7480,7380 A11 (05/30/18)
E8 Latitude Family X64 3350,E3350,3470,3570,E5270,E5470,E5570,E7270,E7470,7370 A19 (02/14/18)
E8 Latitude Tablet Family X64 5175,5179,7275,E7275 A16 (02/14/18)
E7 Latitude Family X64 3160,3460,3560 A13 (02/14/18)
MWS6 Precision  Mobile Workstation X64 159550,5510,7710,7510,3510 A16 (08/30/17)
E6 Latitude Family X64 3150,3450,3550,E5250,5250,E5450,5450,E5550,5550,7350,E7250,7250,E7450,7450 A19 (10/25/16)
E6 Family XFR X64 7204,7404,Extreme,(5404),5404  A09 (12/13/16)
MWS5 Precision  Mobile Workstation X64 M2800,M4800,M6800  A10 (07/07/16)
X86 M2800,M4800,M6800 
E5 Latitude 3x40  X64 3340, 3440, 3540  A07 (02/03/16)
E5 Latitude Family  X64 E5440,E5540,E6440,E6540,E7240,E7440   A08 (06/03/15)
X86 E6440,E6540  
E4 Latitude Family  X64 3330,6430U,E5430,E5530,E6230,E6330,E6430,E6430s,E6530,M4700,M6700 A05 (12/11/14)
X86 6430U,E5430,E5530,E6230,E6330,E6430,E6430s,E6530,M4700,M6700 
OptiPlex Bit Level Included Models Windows 8.1
D8 OptiPlex Family X64 5250AIO,7450AIO,3050,3050AIO,5050,7050 A11 (05/30/18)
D7 OptiPlex Family  X64 3040,3240,7040,5040,7440AIO,3046
A19 (03/29/18)
D6 OptiPlex Family  X64 3030,7020,9030,3030AIO,9030AIO,3020M,9020M A16 (03/20/17)
X86 3030,7020,9030,3030AIO,9030AIO,3020M,9020M
D5 OptiPlex 3011 X64 3011 A00 (04/16/14)
D5 OptiPlex Family  X64 9020,9020AIO,XE2,3020 A14 (12/14/16)
D4 OptiPlex Family  X64 3010,7010,9010-AIO,9010AIO,9010  A00 (01/07/14)
X86 3010,7010,9010-AIO,9010AIO,9010 
Precision Workstation Bit Level Included Models Windows 8.1
WS7 Precision WS Family X64 3420,3620 A17 (03/29/18)
WS6 Precision WS Family X64 R7910,T5810,T7810,T7910,R7910XL,T5810XL,T7810XL,T7910XL,7910,T5810,7810  A21 (03/29/18)
WS5 Precision WS Family X64 R7610,T1650,T1700,T3610,T5610,T7610  A14 (06/26/16)
X86 R7610,T1650,T3610,T5610,T7610 
XPS Notebook Bit Level Included Models Windows 8.1
XPS4 Family X64 9350 A08 (12/02/16)
XPS3 Family X64 9343, 139343 A04 (07/22/15)
XPS1 Family X64 15-9530,159530,9530,13-9333,139333,9333,12-9Q33,129Q33,9Q33,12-9Q23,129Q23,9Q23,11-9P33,119P33,9P33, A04 (04/23/15)
Venue Pro Bit Level Included Models Windows 8.1
Venue Pro4 Family X64 5056,10PRO5056,5855,8PRO5855 A12 (02/14/18)
Venue Pro3  Family X64 7140,11PRO7140 A08 (08/25/16)
Venue Pro2  Family X64 5130, 7130, 7139  A17 (03/04/16)
X86 5130, 5830 

 NOTE: Windows 10 32-bit is not supported with ImageAssist.

Windows 10 Family Packs
Latitude & Mobile Precision Bit Level Included Models Windows 10
M3800 X64 M3800,M3800TB,M3800TBT,M3800T A00 (08/20/15)
E10cfl Latitude Family X64 5591,5491,5495 A02 (05/30/18)
E10 Latitude Family X64 5290, 5490, 5590, 7290, 7390, 7490, 3490, 3590, 3190 A06 (06/06/18)
E10 Latitude Tablet Family X64 3390 2 in 1 A05 (03/29/18)
E9 Latitude Family X64 5280,5480,5580,7280,7480,3189,3380,3180,5289,3480,3580,7380,7389 A13 (05/30/18)
E9 Latitude Tablet Family X64 5285,7285 A10 (03/29/18)
E9 Latitude Rugged Family X64 7212 A04 (03/29/18)
E8 Latitude Family X64 3350,E3350,3470,3570,E5270,E5470,E5570,E7270,E7470,7370 A20 (02/13/18)
E8 Latitude Rugged Family X64 7414,5414,7214 A11 (03/29/18)
E8 Latitude Tablet Family X64 5175,5179,7275,E7275,3379 A14 (03/29/18)
MWS8 Precision Mobile Workstation X64 7530 7730 5530 3530 A01 (05/30/18)
MWS7 Precision Mobile Workstation X64 5520,7520,7720,3520 A09 (03/29/18)
E7 Latitude Family X64 3160,3460,3560 A14 (02/13/18)
MWS6 Precision Mobile Workstation X64 159550,5510,7710,7510,3510 A18 (02/14/18)
E6 Family XFR X64 7204,7404,Extreme,(5404),5404 A04 (12/13/16)
E6 Latitude Family X64 3150,3450,3550,E5250,5250,E5450,5450,E5550,5550,7350,E7250,7250,E7450,7450 A10 (10/25/16)
MWS5 Precision  Mobile Workstation X64 M2800,M4800,M6800 A02 (07/07/16)
E5 Latitude 3340 X64 3340 A01 (02/03/16)
OptiPlex Bit Level Included Models Windows 10
5055 OptiPlex Family X64 5055 A17 (06/06/18)
D9 OptiPlex Family X64 3060 5060 7060 XE3 7460AIO 7760AIO 5260AIO A01 (05/30/18)
D8 OptiPlex Family X64 5250AIO,7450AIO,3050,3050AIO,5050,7050,5055 A15 (05/30/18)
D7 OptiPlex Family X64 3040,3240,3240AIO,7040,5040,7440,7440AIO,3046 A20 (03/29/18)
D6 OptiPlex Family  X64 3030,7020,9030,3030AIO,9030AIO,3020M,9020M A09 (03/20/17)
D5 OptiPlex Family  X64 3020,9020,9020AIO,XE2 A08 (12/14/16)
D4 OptiPlex Family  X64 3010,7010,9010,9010AIO A02 (04/13/16)
X86 3010,7010,9010,9010AIO
Precision Workstation Bit Level Included Models Windows 10
WS8 Precision WS Family X64 5720AIO,7820, 7820 XL, 7920, 7920 XL, 7920 Rack, 5820, 5820 XL,  A10 (03/29/18)
WS7 Precision WS Family X64 3420,3620 A18 (03/29/18)
WS6 Precision WS Family X64 R7910,T5810,T7810,T7910,R7910XL,T5810XL,T7810XL,T7910XL,7910,5810,7810 A15 (03/29/18)
 WS5 Precision WS Family X64   T1700 A03   06/26/16
XPS Notebook Bit Level Included Models Windows 10
XPS6 Family X64 9370 A04 (05/14/18)
XPS5 Family X64 9360,9365,9560 A22 (03/29/18)
XPS4 Family X64 9250,9350 A10 (12/02/16)
XPS3 Family X64 9343, 139343 A00 (07/22/15)
XPS1 Family X64 15-9530,159530,9530 A01 (08/04/15)
Venue Pro Bit Level Included Models Windows 10
Venue Pro2  Family X64 5130, 7130, 7139  A03 (03/04/16)
X86 5130, 5830 
Venue Pro3 Family X64 7140,11PRO7140 A03 (03/04/16)

Venue Pro4 Family

X64 5056,10PRO5056,5855,8PRO5855 A12 (02/14/18)
Vostro Bit Level This driver pack supports APJ factory use only Windows 10
D9 Vostro X64 CHENGMING 3980 A01 (05/14/18)
D8 Vostro X64 CHENGMING 3967,CHENGMING 3968 A03 (02/14/18)

If looking for model specific driver packs, go to Command | Deploy Driver Packs for Enterprise Client OS Deployment

  • The link to the Windows 10 Optiplex D7 family drivers is dead. It leads to a page that says "File not found."

  • tautherment - thank you for the heads up.  The link has been fixed.

  • Windows 8.1 OptiPlex D7 is also out.

  • orison, thank you.  The link is updated now.

  • We are switching over to ImageAssist from ImageDirect due to Windows 10.  We have to have local copies of the images in our office & to accomplish this before we were putting the Family pack cabs from ImageDirect right into the local folder on the downloaded WIM image.  Then, ImageDirect would select the right CAB depending on Model during deployment.  It looks like now, each driver pack has to be injected separately using DISM and that family packs are not support this way if I am reading the notice correctly.  Will these Windows 10 family packs be supported using DISM injection only or will Dell be releasing any tools to help with driver pack selection based on model?

  • mike0o2 - thank you for the post.

    ImageAssist supports local break-fix deployment with automated driver detection and injection using the family driver packs.  Take a look at the training video at the following URL.

  • Thank you Tyler, that helped me to see that I needed to use the Dell boot instead of creating my own like normal. This should work for what we need to do once I get it functioning.  I do get an unhandled exception error when performing the Add Driver CAB.  I am trying to add the E6430-WIN10-A00-X01M6 (not listed on this page) driver pack from a network share.  Is it not supported to use the single driver packs if they are not listed on this page?

  • Hi Mike.  The single packs should also work.  Are there any spaces in your network path?  The driver pack extraction method won't work with spaces.  When you get the error, if you'll press F9 to capture a screenshot and then press F8 to save the picture along with log files to a zip and then mail them into the helpdesk

  • Nope, no space in the path.  I will gather that information and email  Thanks!

  • What is the status of ImageAssist driver packs for the latitude xx70 series? Are they in development? ETA?

  • My previous post should have said WINDOWS 7 drivers for the xx70 series. Any chance of those?

  • tzetter - the E8 Latitude family for Windows 7 is tentatively scheduled for release early next week.

  • The link for Windows 7 E5 Latitude 3x40 seems to be dead

  • DaveRSK - thank you for the heads up!  Link fixed.