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ImageAssist and custom OU

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ImageAssist and custom OU

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In my office environment, we got many OU for specific department and company for computer object.

i am very excited after found that imageassist can join domain and name the pc automatically.

I need to know, can imageassist customise for different OU in single image by prompt a selection of OU?

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  • Hi YUSRIJ -  We have a detailed doc describing the process you can use for this,

    if you wish to email our  mailbox

     we can send you the documentation,

    Thank you.

    Dell Image Assist Support




  • Hi

    I have sent you an email few hours ago using my company's email.

    Maybe you could also send the documentation to my personal email yusrijamal(a)

    Thank you.

  • would it be possible for me to get this info?

  • Hi Delboy,

    Can you please email either of the below based on your location and we will send you the documentation,

    Thank you.

    Dell Image Assist Support




  • Hi yusrij,

    I was able to obtain the source files for the OSD customizer, but I have not been successful at getting the machine to domain join (exit code 1212 (The format of the specified domain name is invalid.).

    I was wondering if you were able to get it working in your environment, and if so, would you be willing to share your OSDSettings.ini file with me (redacted as needed, of course)?