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  • Wrong File Win 7 Latitude Combo Pack

    The file for this combo pack is wrong. It's only 127MB, the original post states it's 580MB. Can you repost the correct file.
  • Expanding on this setup

    So we use about 4 different types of Dell computer here with our SCCM setup. So with these WMI queries included could I just have one build and capture task sequence and just use the WMI queries to decide what driver package/mass storage driver to apply? If so, where can I find the proper names I need...
  • SCCM Driver Package

    I deployed this specfic cab as driver package and it did not successfully install Dell Wireless 5620 (EV-DO-HSPA) Mobile broadcast mini-card drivers, I fixed the problem by deleting the driver and installing DRVR_WIN_R280717.EXE from your website which is the driver given on 4/14/2011*. Also the IDT...
  • Error when applying drivers packages

    Hi everytime i try to deploy win 7 and the ts arrives to apply driver packages an error occurr 0x000032, the log file doesn't help me, any idea? The same package deploying xp has no error. Thanks
  • Dell SCUP updates: lowercase or UPPERCASE driver names...?

    Hi, In the SCUP console there is a mixture of Dell update names written in lowercase and UPPERCASE letters. Does it mean anything special if names are UPPER- or lowercase? Examples: "R238809 INTEL 825XX GIGABIT PLATFORM LAN NETWORK DEVICE, V., A00" and "R244197 Intel 825xx Gigabit...
  • Working now

    working now.
  • Download link points to Google docs URL

    The download link for this cab file points to a Google docs URL. Can you please update to the correct download link?
  • Client-Deployment-Pack for ConfigMgr: Failed to install

    Hi, I can't install Client-Deployment-Pack for ConfigMgr V1.2 in my Admin Console. _Installer.log shows: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04.05.2010 22:56:55 :: Action to perform: Create 04.05.2010 22:56:55 :: Attempting to create a new element in the XML...
  • list update

    Hey there, big fan of this page, can we have an update for the x80 series!
  • Radeon driver 8.863 causes problems with IE 8

    We have since reverted back to ATI Radeon driver 8.783.2.2000 for the OptiPlex 990 and 960s. IE8 was crashing repeatedly with the 8.863.3 version driver. Those of you using MDT 2010 with the drivers CAB should test the video drivers carefully before use.
  • How to Preserve OEM Win8 Activation when Re-Imaging Enterprise Client Systems

    We use Microsoft Deployment 2012 Update 1, and need to be able to re-image Windows 8 onto our Enterprise-class systems. As I understand it, with OEM Activation 3.0 the unique product key is embedded in the BIOS and is retrieved by the setup program on the disc. If I load a computer with the disc, it...
  • no link in notebook combo driver page - why not? where can I download the notebook combo cab from? why does the Dell FTP site time out so much? I can not download 80% of the things I want to ...
  • Great Info

    Does this work with OMCI 8.0? I understand the namespace has changed are there changes required for the MOF inventory file or the report script?
  • MDT2010 - Missing Operating System on 4k Drives

    Anyone seeing this issue? Windows 7 MDT deployment onto 4k drive, upon first reboot, "missing operating system". Issue looks to be the BDE partition created by the ZTI script. Without using BDE partition, everything ok but you add the BDE (format tasks sequence), error returns. This is on both...
  • Drivers are injected but not applied during OSD

    I followed the guide to deploy XP to an OptiPlex 780. The deployment completes, but a few of the devices show up in the Device Manager as invalid. If I select Update Driver, the driver is found automatically and is installed. From what I can tell it looks like Configmanager is pushing the drivers to...
  • SMNP scripted installation with SCCM to WIN XP

    Does any one know of a way to script a SMNP installation to a Win XP using SCCM?
  • DCIP error SCCM 2012 SP1

    In createing a Bare Metal Client Deployment Task Template, I get the error Access to path "Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\\AdminConsole\XmlStorage\Extensions\bin\Deployment\Dell\Client\DellClient_TS_Template_with_Reboots.xml" is denied. Obviously it's a permissions issue...
  • Windows 7

    Please update/modify/include Windows 7 (32 and 64)
  • Dittos on the request to fix link

    We would love to get this cab and get HII working on our new PC deployments. Any word on what is taking so long to get this download back up? Do we have any other alternatives to download the file? Thanks, Brent
  • This Account Has Been Suspended

    same problem as everybody else, FIX please?
  • Touchpad driver failes with ConfigMgr OSD

    We are trying to use the M6600 A00 CAB as a driver package for Windows 7 x64. Made the driver package using Dell Client Deployment Pack 1.2. During deployment the following errors occur (version difference because I am now trying the newest driver) Importing driver D:\_SMSTaskSequence\drivers\6\R310070...
  • e6510 AO3 Update

    How do you handle passing a password to the BIOS upgrade? Ex. Have BIOS passsword set and executing -nopause -noreboot brings up a pssword box Thanks for any help
  • SCCM and Dell E5510

    I have tried now for the better part of a week to create a working OSD image on a Dell E5510 with SCCM OSD. Downloaded and applied the correct driver CAB and followed the XP tutorial in here, but every time when booting up for the first time, XP bluescreens with the hex error that it failed to apply...
  • Unsigned drivers

    Hello, during my automated Windows 7 64 bit deployment with an M4600 I have 2 unsigned driver prompts, does anyone know which 2 drivers are causing this, and any fix? Thanks
  • Driver CABs for Latitude E6420 (A00) and OptiPlex 990 (A00).

    A number of x86 drivers (Video, LAN, Wireless,...) in these CABs won't install on Windows 7 SP1 with MDT or SCCM. When installed manually Windows complains about signing. I had to replace them with single download versions which work fine. I don't understand how these passed testing. x64 drivers...