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PXE support in Latitude 3180/3189

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PXE support in Latitude 3180/3189

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Does anyone know if PXE support is available in the Latitude 3180/3189 models? In the past I have used a SMSC Lan7500 ethernet dongle, but that does not seem to work on these. I am able to boot off of a usb thumb drive and use the SMSC Lan7500 adapter to download the images.  My sales rep suggested a Dell Part : 470-ABBT, and I have already ordered it.  So I am keeping my my fingers crossed, but hopping somebody will already know if it can be done.

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  • Yes RUSSELL, PXE support available in Latitude 3180 model, Hope the part number mentioned above will work without any issue. Apparently i tried USB Dongle (Model#DBJBCBC064) in 3180 systems which work without any trouble.


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