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WD15 Slow TFTP WIM transfer

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WD15 Slow TFTP WIM transfer

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We are in the process of trialing some new mobile devices for our fleet and having an issue with PXE booting them with the WD15 dock.

The models specifically are:

* Latitude 5175

* Latitude 7275

* Latitude 7370

Using SCCM 1602, WinPE10 boot images.

PXE Boot works but the transfer of the initial WinPE WIM is so slow! Takes about 3-4 minutes just to transfer the WIM image (about 250MB). Once past the initial transfer speed is normal for the rest of the OSD deployment.

Things we have done:

* Added all relevant drivers

* Upgraded all firmware to latest version

* Enabled 'Thunderbolt' networking in BIOS

* Disable Thunderbolt security

* Change POST to 'Thorough'

Moving the 5175 to the older style dock (K10A) and the speed is back to normal. It seems to be directly related to the Thunderbolt TypeC dock. A normal PXE boot from any other dell device / dock takes around 20 seconds at most.

Is there something I'm missing here?

I've seen mentioned to adjust the 'RamDiskTFTPBlockSize' but we are not able to as it breaks our VMWare deployments. I don't think that is the answer anyway as that applies to general speed problems not specific device problems.

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  • Did you every find an answer? Battling same issue.

  • I have the same equipment but can't even get it to pxe boot using the WD15 dock. We use legacy boot mode to image our machines and that doesnt appear to be an option unless i use a USB dell ethernet dongle.

  • Its January of 2017 and we are still battling slow TFTP transfer speeds whenver UEFI booting is enabled on the newer Precision 5510 or XPS 9550 laptops.

    If you have any further luck, please let me know.

  • Same problem here. Very slow PXE Booting on WD15. Annoying!