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Missing or corrupt system file during SCCM XP SP3 OS deployment

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Missing or corrupt system file during SCCM XP SP3 OS deployment

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SCCM 2007 SP2

I have an issue with a Dell D430 where after a Windows XP deploy TS initiates a reboot before minisetup i get the following error

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:  \windows\system32\config\system

The image is a standard Windows XP 32 bit image captured from a VM.

I have done some reading on HAL issues with XP so have added a TS task to run a HAL change script.

The logs on the client indicate that the HAL change script executes successfully and sysprep.inf is updated to replace HAL with multiprocessor APIC HAL.  The last status message in the log is HAL processing completed successfully.

I have a TS task to apply the mass storage drivers for all models as well as a seperate TS task to apply all other device drivers.  These execute prior to the HAL changing script task.

I am experiencing a different problem on E6320 & E4310.  The systems boot into minisetup after reboot but then hang.  Both systems have the HAL replaced to multiprocessor APIC HAL after the HAL change script runs.

The only system i have been able to deploy the TS to successfully is an E6400 and this didnt have the HAL change script included in the TS.

To ensure the HAL change script wasnt the issue i removed the task from the TS but i had the same problem on both E6320 & E4310.

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  • The hang issue with the E6320 and E4310 may be related to the Freefall sensor depending on how you are creating your image.  Details are below.


    I don't believe that the D430 needs a mass storage driver installed.  It should use the XP built-in driver.

  • Thanks for the info.  I will replace the driver for the freefall sensor and try again on these models.

    Regarding mass storage drivers, we have the following models in use, can you advise which of these should have mass storage driver support included in xp?

    Latitude D430

    Latitude D630

    Latitude E4200

    Latitude E4300

    Latitude E4310

    Latitude E6220

    Latitude E6320

    Latitude E6400

    Latitude E6410

    Latitude E6420

    OptiPlex 755

    OptiPlex 760

    OptiPlex 780

    OptiPlex 790

    Precision M4400

    Precision M4500

    Precision M4600

    Precision WorkStation T3500


  • Hi aml,

    Please see page 18 of this PDF.  It contains a table with the information you are looking for and the whole document shows a process on how to do it if you are unfamiliar.



  • Hi, i am familiar with tthat document, and have used the mass storage drivers table to define the mass storage drivers for each model.  However, as Warren states, some models have mass storage driver support included in XP, so i was looking to know which models i do not need to install mass storage drivers for?

  • I personally took the route of injecting the Mass Storage driver for each model that we are providing XP support on to ensure full compatibility.  Especially to ensure that the drivers are loaded based on the SATA Operating Mode that is selected (Legacy/Sata/Raid/AHCI/IRRT, etc.)

    As you can see from the picture below, I've gone thru and just added steps for each iteration and version of the Intel Storage drivers to cover any/all models that come my way.

  • Are you using WMI queries with the mass storage driver packages or are you applying all drivers to all models?  We want to apply drivers on a need-to-apply basis so are using WMI to query for model.  Any ideas on the above error when deploying to the D430?

  • Ok the group (where it shows the version) I'm doing Model queries (via Task Sequence Variable) to ensure that I have the right version of the driver where necessary and then I'm doing a PNP_ID WMI Query for the rest.


    Intel Matrix Storage Manager Version

    ESB2 SATA AHCI Controller

    WMI Query: Select * from Win32_PNPEntity where PNPDeviceID like  '%VEN_8086&DEV_2681%'

  • OK, i have made some progress on this.  The freefall sensor drive did in fact seem to be the problem with the 4310 and 6320.  I am now able to deploy after replacing this driver with the older version.

    I am still facing an issue with the D430.  I tried a different D430 to ensure the issue wasnt hardware related but same problem.

    What could possibly be causing the system to report this registry file missing?

  • Hi,

    We are using SCCM 2007 and we have a build which has been working. About 6 months ago we purchased a batch of Optiplex 790's and our XP deployed to these devices without any problems. Last week we received another 10 Optiplex 790's and we get the error you described:

    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:  \windows\system32\config\system

    Could this be an issue with the HAL? I'm at a loss to what is causing this.