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  • When I try to export a Dell driver cab (E6410 for example), SCCM (2007 R3), the only driver file it finds is txtsetup.oem unless I point to each inf singlely OR rename txtsetup.oem. However, when I import txtsetup.oem, it does pull all the driver files into the package. So I am wondering, should I just be importing txtsetup.oem or should I be importing that along with all other infs in the directory?

    Thanks much for your help.
  • txtsetup.oem is only for the mass storage driver, not the entire driver cab. Is the mass storage driver the extent of your issue, or are you trying to import the entire cab?
  • I am trying to import all of the drivers (not just the mass storage). So is it safe for me to re-name the txtsetup.oem so SCCM will recognize the other infs (rather than importing them individually) since I have the txtsetup.oem imported? Thanks!
  • How did you extract the CAB file? Is it in a folder structure? It almost sounds like you have all the files in one folder.
  • Yes, I have been extraxting the cab files into one folder and trying to do a mass import from there. Do you recomend something different? Thanks.
  • If you use Winzip it should extract into a proper folder structure with the drivers separated out in separate folders within that folder structure. The txtsetup.oem shouldn't give you problems if it is extracted that way.
  • Thanks Warren, that was the problem. I was using the Windows cmd prompt and "expand". Thanks much for your help.
  • Glad to help!