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Latitude E6410 - How to Use the Webcam

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Latitude E6410 - How to Use the Webcam

  • I was hoping someone could assist me in using the webcam on my latitude E6410. I downloaded the drivers from the DELL site and I am still unable to find and utilize this feature
  • I found this thread on the E6410 in the Dell Community Blog. It recommends checking under Scanners and Cameras in the Control Panel. Have you given this a try?
  • m using windows7 and in that there is no such option like scanners and cameras.......
    so what shud i do?
  • I wish I could figure out what the thing does exactly, as well as how to use it. I have never had a webcam before. But this came as part of my newest laptop. (Inspiron 1564) And you're right about the windows 7 statement. I'm sorry to use a reply for this. But I couldn't figure out how to just post my own question in here any other way. I've only been online about 3 1/2 years. So I guess there's a lot I still need to learn. I don't know if this one on my computer allows me to talk to another online friend, just make a video of myself or what...or how to do whatever it does...or if I need to do anything to make it work, when I do understand how I can use it.
  • I shared the same pain. My Latitiude E6410 is supposed to come with webcam but it does not work at all. Try install driver, but it said no webcam detected. Checked web but no answer so far. Does Dell technical support people check thread here and respond?
  • Hi guys, I know the feeling as well. Tried all the drivers, all the different settings without any luck. Eventually, I called out a technician from Dell. He opened up the screen and found that the cable connecting to the web cam was loose. There is no room for movement of the cable, thats why it gets loose and thats why some people are having a problem and some are not. If you can check the physical connection to the web camera. My E6410 web cam now works perfectly.

  • just go and download dell webcam entral, and all your worries will come to an end

  • its not a webcam its a sensor for the brightness

  • its not a webcam all it is is a cut out ready for you too put a webcam in the wire for the webcam is already there depending on what you ordered from dell

    i have been thinking for months that its a webcam but as the dell website specs says its optional if you put your finger over the so called webcam windows its actually a sensor for the lcd display brightness hope this helps  

  • Hi There DAET,

    I am a user of a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop.

    To Activate the webcam on Windows 7 You have to go to device manager,

    Then click on Imaging devices

    After that click on Integrated Webcam and a window will pop up

    Go to drivers and then Enable the device with the enable button

    If that doesn't work I don't know how to help you



  • how to use camera

  • I could not operate my Dell Altitude E4310 webcam,please advice.

  • I had the same problem until I installed Windows Essentials 2012. Intall that and then search for Dell E6410 Graphics drivers as these will fail while installing Windows Essentials 2012.. Install all drivers and webcam should work fine. Remember to state 32 bit or 64 bit. Mine now works fine.

  • HOW?