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Dell E5530 Win7 Driver Cab

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Dell E5530 Win7 Driver Cab

  • when i integrate the driver cab files in sccm my tasksequence hangs with error 0x80004005. I followed the tutorial step by step. Without the apply driver package installation wents succesfully, but wihtout neccesary drivers.

    Can someone help me?
  • That error usually indicates that a package is not available. Try updating your new driver package on the DP's again.
  • I updated the DP's 5 times, that doesn't help.
    I have the same problem with the Dell E6500 CAB. As i imported the drivers, i got an error message that this ...\controlpoint\r269916\pba-driver\pbadrv.inf could not be imported. I finished the job and all necessary following steps (incl. 2-times update DP), but the drivers weren't installed. Then i deleted all, deleted the bad driver in the source and made all again -> now it works!
    In the Dell E5520 (not 5530, this was a "keyboard mistake") i have this with network\r288120\win64\btwampfl_svc.inf. So i try the same procedure today.
  • NO, it didn't function, same error as before!
  • Hi

    Have you had any luck with this? I'm having the same issue (E5520) and its something to do with the drivers.

    Using the latest E5520-win7-A03-R316474 (x64). With driver detection it crashes and there are 2 issues from what i can see:

    1) the dell touchpad driver is marked as boot-critical and fails to load during the Windows setup (Setup Windows and ConfigMgr) disabling this driver helps. evidence of this is in the setupact.txt

    2) it still crashes at the same step with the same 0x80004005 error however it appears the network drivers have not loaded as it has no IP address.

    to fix #2 ive tried:

    -latest drivers provided by dell, within the CABs and via seperate download.

    -latest drivers direct from Broadcom

    -Intel drivers for the Mobile IntelĀ® HM65 Express Chipset (Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet)

  • x

    edit: spoke too soon, it's not fixed.