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New SCCM System packages for Latitude 5480 and 7280

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New SCCM System packages for Latitude 5480 and 7280

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Is there any ETA to have Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 SCCM System packages for the new Latitude models 5480 and 7280?

I am only being able to find Windows 10 packages.



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  • Don't those models only come with 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake CPU's? If so, Windows 7 isn't supported.

  • Hello NILTONGJ, 

    Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Driver Package for 5480/ 7280 will be available soon for download, These Driver packs are currently under validation.


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  • Hi, I tried to use the new CAB drivers for 5480/Win 7 x64bit but it seems that the only driver that is not being installed is the Graphics driver via MDT 2013.

    Even i try to install the driver manually it keeps me prompting with error that the computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.

    any workaround to make the driver install?

  • Hello,

    I had this issue and it is because in MDT the import stops when trying to import the CV driver under security. Therefore it skips importing the VIDEO and STORAGE folder.

    If you remove the CV folder from the .cab you can import everything succesfully.

  • I actually resolve the issue when importing the cab drivers into MDT, the problem that I am facing right now is that the driver seems to be incompatible with the computer as it does not load after imaging.

    All drivers is installed except for the graphics drivers that I have also tried to install it manually and keeps me prompting that the computer does not meet the minimum requirements to install the software.

    I am actually trying to load a Win7 Ent x64bit with a 7th Gen processor. 

  • Hello Adrian,

    I'm not sure if that will work. Officially, the 7th chipset is not supported with Windows 7.

    If that actually means that it's not gonna work at all, i'm not sure.

    I'd try getting the drivers from Intel instead and see if that works.

    We specifically have the 6th chipset because we are still on Win7 x64.

  • Having same problem with 5480 using SCCM 2012. Did you find a solution?

  • Hi: Yes the provided Dell drivers are working now with Windows 10, for both 6th and 7th Intel Processors.

    Note that the 7th generation only works with Windows 10. Make sure to have the latest SCCM build. We are running 1702 here.

  • Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately I need them to work with Windows 7 to address the issue of the touchpad and mouse not working after OSD. The 5480s we have are 6th generation intel core i7s

  • We don´t have any issues with the Dell cab fle provided with Windows 7. It is working like a charm when used on 5480 with 6th Gen processors.