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Precision 5510 - No TPM option available in BIOS

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Precision 5510 - No TPM option available in BIOS

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I have a Precision 5510 which is Bitlocker/MBAM encrypted but for the past couple of days i've been getting the Recovery screen at each reboot.  After disablin the protector & trying to re-enable it, I get told that 'Compatible TPM cannot be found'.  I know there is a TPM on this as it has already been encrypted so what has happened??  I'm running Windows 10 (x64) & machine is fully patched & using the latest BIOS version (as of today, 26/1/2017).

I did have to perform a hard reboot earlier this week, could this be related?  I did see something online regarding hared reboot affecting Precision 5510 but the solution to reboot did not work for me.  I have also tried to reinstall the TPM driver but it won't appear in Device Manager nor is there an option in BIOS anymore to enable/activate TPM.

I'm at a loss, anyone know if there is a known issue with Precision 5510 losing TPM? 



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  • Just wanted to tell you that i have the same issue since this morning .. Updated to the latest bios version... but still same issue...


  • Have the same issue today with one of our users.

  • Call support ... they replaced my mainbord... kr Kristof