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Configure Keyboard Backlight Timeout

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Configure Keyboard Backlight Timeout

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Hello, I want to configure Keyboard Backlight Timeout on Dell Latitude E6440. I'm using preinstalled Linux OS Dell Ubuntu 12.04.2.

I found this post from Warren Byle.

He wrote how to change Keyboard Backlight illumination level with tool CCTK. I downloaded CCTK for Red Hat Linux and looks like it working fine on Ubuntu too. With that --token commands I'm able to change Keyboard Backlight level which is good.

But I still do not know how to change Keyboard Backlight Timeout. Backlight is still turned off after 10 seconds. Is there some special --token for configuring this timeout?

According to other posts it looks like configring timeout to 5 minutes could be possible, because there are Windows applications which could do that (e.g Dell System Manager Application under Control Point)

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