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XPS13 & DaRT integration (Remote Connection)

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XPS13 & DaRT integration (Remote Connection)

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Hi all,

Anyone experienced any issues using DaRT Remote Connection option on the XPS13's? 

I've loaded up the Apple USB Drivers (USB to NIC Adapter) & the Chipset drivers into the WinRE.wim file but it still doesn't detect any NIC in DaRT.  As the NIC isn't built in to the system on the XPS 13's, maybe this is just a problem with these models & DaRT?


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  • Does that USB NIC work on other systems with DaRT?  If not, then the NIC driver may not be compatible with DaRT.

  • Hi Warren,

    We've tried it & unfortunately it doesn't work on other systems either.  Despite the driver being loaded, there is no network connectivity within the DaRT environment on machines using USB NIC's.  We plan on escalating the issue to Microsoft.


  • Great!  Thanks for the follow-up and let us know what the Microsoft response is.