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Win7 x64 Enterprise

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Win7 x64 Enterprise

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Has Dell released SIGNED drivers for Win7 x64? Trying to install Enterprise via SCCM or DVD always fails for me because the drivers are not signed.  According to Microsoft, X64 requires signed drivers. The Win PE 3.0 driver CAB does not work for me.

Or is there a workaround (or undocumented procedure) that I need to apply?

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  • This is for PE during installation.

  • Yes, the drivers are signed but the CAB creation process can break the signing of some drivers.  I've never had an issue when using the drivers with WinPE.  During OS deployment you can tell the task sequence to allow unsigned drivers if it becomes a problem.

  • There is a switch that can be added when injecting drives via DISM = /forceunsigned.

    the command will look something like this: Dism.exe /Image:C:\ /Add-Driver /Driver:C:\Drivers /Recurse /ForceUnsigned