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CCTK failures

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CCTK failures

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I've had to use CCTK for our new 790 desktops as the DCCU no longer works. I am trying to export to an exe package which would be easy to deploy. There are some obvious problems with it. It seems like a downgrade from DCCU.

DCCU allows you to specify a setup password in case the system has one, so that if it does, the password is used to allow changes to be made, but if it does not have a password already set, it works as well.

CCTK requires that you export two exe packages to deploy to clients, one for PCs with the bios password already set and one for PCs without the password already set. It wont work in both scenarios, so I have to check the output log to see if it applied correctly or not! This is terrible!

CCTK does not automatically run with elevated priviledges as DCCU did, so it will fail to run if UAC is enabled unless you right click it and choose run as administrator (elevated). But since I run it in a script, I have to write a wrapper that forces it to run elevated. If it requires elevation to work, embed the proper manifest or whatever it needs! I can write an external manifest but I'd have to make one for each PC model we have. This is also terrible!

And lastly, this is not CCTK specific but what happened to the old days when you could remove boot devices from the boot priority list, set a bios password, and still have those devices listed in the boot menu but require a password to use them? That was awesome and we took it for granted. Now with the 790s and laptops since ~D600 you have to go back into the bios and turn usb back on just to boot to a thumb drive really quick. If we reimage an entire lab, thats an extra 90 seconds or more per PC to turn the setting on and off again. This is horrible!!

Am I missing something here?

Come on, Dell!

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  • You can always have your script run as a Group Policy computer startup or shutdown script so then it will run with high enough privileges. You could also use a scheduled task. If an SCE doesn't contain a correct manifest, then it should be reported to the CCTK team for them to fix in the next release.