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Optiplex 790 "Intrusion Detection" after flashing BIOS

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Optiplex 790 "Intrusion Detection" after flashing BIOS

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I am having issues with getting a message stating there was a "Chassis intrusion detection" after flashing the Optiplex 790 to A06.  Any ideas why? Any ideas how to get rid of it?

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  • You shoould be able to modify the behavior of the Chassis intrusion from within the BIOS configuration (F2).  Is that working?

  • I realize that, but this is a new behavior.  It shouldn't happen in the first place. It was a BIOS flash, the chassis is never touched.  I know how to script turning it off, but it shouldnt happen.

  • I haven't heard of anything specific being wrong with that BIOS version.  But since this hasn't happened to you before, then I suggest you open a support ticket and have it escalated.

  • I'm having this same problem. I have tried every BIOS revision for the OptiPlex 790 up to and including A11, which was released on 3/8/12. In the BIOS, 'Chassis Intrusion' is set to Disable, but once I'm in Windows I get the Chassis Intrusion pop-up message every few minutes.

    Just wondering if anyone has found a solution to this problem. It's very frustrating, as we're now having to downgrade multiple machines' BIOS to revision A06. I opened a support ticket with Dell a few months back (around when A07 or A08 had been released) but haven't gotten a solution yet. Thanks.

  • jedgar111,

    Thanks for the update!  

    I'll check back with the dev teams to see if I can find out when a fix will be made available.  I would encourage you to follow up with your support ticket to ensure that the issue is being escalated with the formal support process.

  • Any information on this??  I am having several 790's give me this error out of the box...

    Thank You...

  • Same problem here across multiple systems.  A fix sure would be nice.

  • OK, I actaully figured this out. But did so long ago.  Looking back over my e mails with Dell, I believe I enabled Intrussion Detection Alerts in the BIOS in order to shut the DELL OMCI intrusion alert off. THe only thing I found was : "You can close this case as the toggling of the chassis intrusion fixed the issue.  See counter intuitive as enabling the BIOS to shut off an error message isn’t quite right."

    I will keep diggin to get the exact fix if this wasnt it.

  • We are having the same issue. Even stranger, we have many 790s that have their status set to "Door Open" (according to OMCI 8.1), but cover is on. I've tried clearing the intrusion via the BIOS, OMCI (by setting the "Chassis Intrusion Status" attribute to "4" for a trip-reset), and disabling and then re-enabling Chassis Intrusion detection. None of that has worked.

    Jedgar111 et. al, can I get your case number so I have something to reference if I open a case?