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Client and Mobile Solutions
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Assettag and OwnerShip Tag

  • Currently with OMCI7.7 these 2 important fields (in large fleet) are not settable from Windows. Only way is with Dell DOS utility (With the HP offering it is possible to set everything, including AssetTag and OwnershipTag.)
  • Both of these fields are settable in OMCI 7.7 (Ownership Tag is in Dell_Configuration and is called "PropertyOwnershipTag" and Asset Tag is in Dell_Chassis and is called "AssetTag"). Additionally, both of these fields are settable using CCTK 1.2 (command line tool). CCTK 1.2 works in WinPE, Windows and Linux...
  • Powershell and VBScript examples of the ChangeAssetTag method are now available on the OMCI Sample Scripts page.