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about Dell Latitude E6410

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about Dell Latitude E6410

  • hey can anybody help me in resolving my laptop's webcam problem?
    i've tried drivers for it from different sites including Dell's official website, but still i am not able to use the webcam.
    as one of member suggested in control panel there is scanner and photo option, i looked for that but there is no such option.
    PL help me to resolve this problem. i am working on windows7 OS.

    and another problem why the cursor moves automatically to another location while typing?
  • I would contact customer support. Contact info is at http://support.dell.com.

    If you want to work it out yourself, then...make sure you have a device in Device Manager. If not, check to BIOS to make sure the webcam wasn't disabled. If there is a device, remove it and all drivers associated with it and download a fresh copy from support.dell.com and attempt a re-install.

    If none of that works, call customer support.