We rolled out a new CRM program and we need to remove the old pin on taskbars.  We could just email people with screen shots and a walk through since its easy to right click an icon and unpin it, but is there a way to remove it manually?

I have a script that can blow away an entire taskbar and reset it with icons we choose, but I'd rather not do that because it would blow away any additional icons people have pinned beyond our default 9 pinned icons.

In the Shortcuts section in DA 9.3 I put an element with Remove Shortcut as the action and User Taskbar (pin) as the Location.  I tried putting in the name as is, putting it in quotes (since there is a space, ampersand and tilde above the letter e in the name" and also tried putting in the path to the exe, and the path to the exe with the appended argument.  None of which seem to remove this icon.  I have not had any issue pinning the new replacement program to the taskbar for Windows 7 users but it does not pin the new icon for Windows 10 users.

Any ideas?