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USB Security and Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

USB Security and Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

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We had a user today install the new Win 10 Anniversary update, and now DA reboots after running the USB/Port Security element. The sltrace says that the installation requires a reboot - which it would do repeatedly every time the user logs in. We had to disable the USB element to get the user to proceed out of the reboot loop. The only change we can see if the new update being installed - anybody else seen this?

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  • Hello MVISELLI,

    There is a known issue with USB/Port Security (USBPS) getting corrupted during the upgrade to Windows 10. During the upgrade process Windows removes some of USBPS's registry settings which corrupts the installation. USBPS cannot reinstall and gets trapped in a reboot cycle. This is caused by the Windows 10 upgrade process and not USBPS.


    Here is what can be done:

    Before an upgrade to Windows 10:

    Until this issue can be resolved it best to uninstall USBPS before upgrading to Windows 10. This will prevent the corruption from occurring. After the Windows 10 upgrade USBPS can be reinstalled without issue.

    After an upgrade to Windows 10.

    If the machine has already been upgraded to Windows 10 with USBPS installed then USBPS will need to be removed and reinstalled. Because of the corruption of the USBPS install, attempting to uninstall it using Programs and Features may fail. If this is the case please Contact Technical Support for assistance.


    Here is the Knowledge Base Article where this information was sourced. 
    Continually rebooting after upgrading to Windows 10 (208444)


  • Is this going to happen with every single Windows 10 major update? (e.g. did it happen with 10 original -> 1511 too?)

    That sounds like a problem, even if USBPS is not the cause - are there plans to work around this?

  • Strange, I updated my laptop from Windows 10 1511 to 1607 and I did not experience any problems.  I am looking at Programs and Features right now and it shows Desktop Authority USB/Port Security  Dell, Inc.   Installed on 5/11/2016  Version 9.30.1503.

    A colleague of mine upgraded his desktop and he did not report any issues either.

    The actual upgrade from 1511 to 1607 did take about an hour and resembled an in place operating system upgrade, but everything appeared to migrate without any issues.  I am still thoroughly testing before I take the plunge to upgrade my desktop and advise other IT team members to upgrade their equipment.

  • Hello KJSTECH,

    To further troubleshoot this issue we would need to review your log files. You can open a service request Here.

  • Christopher,

    You are mistaken.  I was adding to the thread that in my Windows 10 anniversary upgrade I did NOT have the same problem as the op.  We have done 3 computers so far with no issues at all.