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company logo in mailsignature not embedded

company logo in mailsignature not embedded

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we have build an email signature with DA. In Microsoft Outlook Settings I click on signature, edit signature (sig exists), Insert image, upload image, select file, I choose the jpg I need, open and insert. Looks fine.

I start Outlook, new mail, the image is okay. I send it for testing, check it on my pc, looks fine.

Outside of my company there is just a link to a jpg on my DA-Server.


I havent seen this cause I am testing in my LAN and have access to the DA Server. I want to send the image, not a link to the file. Users outside of my LAN cannot reach the file and can see a placeholder only.

What is wrong?

Thanks, Uwe

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  • Hello AWOLSA,

    When you create an Outlook signature in Desktop Authority you have two options when adding an image. Link and Upload.

      Link = Place a URL link to the image.

      Upload = Upload the image to a share on the DA server.

    As you have seen using the Upload option will place the image on an internal share not accessible from outside of the domain.

    To allow the image to load outside of your domain try placing the image on an external site and using the Link option.


  • A lot of people are working with outlook in cache mode. The mailbox syncs when they are connected and sometimes they read the mails in a train or a plane. Then there is  no connection, and no logo.

    Why is it not possible to attach the logo like outlook an most other mailclients does?

  • Hello AWOLSA,

    Currently the only two options that are available are to Link or Upload the images. Adding the ability to attach/embed the signature images would be a great addition to Desktop Authority’s functionality. Submit your idea to the Ideas page of the Desktop Authority Community so it can be considered for inclusion in a future release. On the Ideas page other community members can upvote your submitted ideas as well.