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Restart scriptlogic

Restart scriptlogic

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I want t know is there a way to run DA Scriptlogic on 100 Workstations remotely without having to access or logoff/restart these machine.

The machine are very critical and the restart is impossible (clinical machine).

DA Scriptlogic Version 9

Thank you

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  • Hello SIMO7778,

    You can push the Desktop Authority Client out to machines without having to log onto them using the Client Deployment GPO. The Desktop Authority client installation does not require a reboot.

    GPO Deployment will push out and install an MSI file to each computer in the targeted Domain or OU(s). The MSI file contains Desktop Authority’s client files and must be installed to every computer that is to be managed by Desktop Authority.

    The GPO is configured by selectively targeting the root of the domain or OUs (Active Directory Organizational Units) within the enterprise. 32-bit and 64-bit systems can also be selectively targeted. It is important to note that all computers within the selected domain or OU(s) will receive the client files unless a computer is defined as an exception.

    Computer(s) to be excluded from the installation of the Desktop Authority client files are configured in the Global Common Management Exception Options. Excluded computers will not receive the necessary Desktop Authority client files that are necessary for the computer to be managed by Desktop Authority.

    Source: Desktop Authority 9.3 – Administration Guide - GPO Deployment