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Data Collection

Data Collection

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Running the latest 9.2.1239.  I have Windows 7 64-bit clients.  I went to the Computer Profile and enabled the Hardware and Software Inventory, selected if ComputerOU  is \Computers\MySubOU\*.  I saved and replicated the files.  I have logged out/in and rebooted my workstation.  I am still not getting any data when I run a Hardware Inventory report.  What am I missing? 

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  • Hello ELANYON,

    I would first check the Computer Management trace file. In this log file you will be able to investigate elements you have configured using Computer Management. The Computer Management trace file is called “ComputerManagementTrace_DayofTheWeek.htm located in C:\Windows\Temp\Desktop Authority.

    It could be an issue with replication or with validation. Make sure the Computer Management replication status is showing updated in the Desktop Authority Manager. You can also test using a different type of Validation Logic, test with a machine name or IP address instead of ComputerOU to see if the issue is with the Validation type.  

    Here are some Knowledge Base articles that may be of assistance:
    How to enable User - Computer Management trace file in Desktop Authority 9.x (SL4192)

    How Validation Logic works and tips for configuration of validation logic (SL4232)