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Region Settings on PC

Region Settings on PC

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Hello, I'd like to use DA to set our users' region settings to the US and remove people's ability to change them. Can someone please give me some direction on how to do this?


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  • Hello PapaShacks,

         To change the regional settings on your machines. Setup one machine the way you want it with all the correct Regional Settings. Then export the user’s “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International” key.

         Now that you have a .Reg file with all the correct settings you can use a Registry element in Desktop Authority (DA) to push these settings. When in the Registry element click the “Import” button and you can load the .Reg file which will then import all the settings directly into DA.
          Note: As with all elements I suggest using Validation Logic to apply these settings to only one machine/user to test and verify that these settings will have the intended results before applying it to all your machines.

         Lastly to prevent users from making changes to the Regional Settings use Group Policy Templates. The settings are located under Administrative Templates | Control Panel | Regional and Language Options.