Dell Desktop Authority v.9.3 is now live

Dell Desktop Authority v.9.3 is now live!

We're happy to announce the release of a Windows 10 ready Desktop Authority v.9.3.  We've also made some performance enhancements and opened up features in certain licenses.  Have a look! 

New Features

Support for New Platforms

Desktop Authority 9.3 now supports:

  • Windows 10

  • SQL Server 2014 and

  • Exchange Server 2013

Enhancements and Improvements

We've added the MSI Packages feature to Standard version

  • All Standard license customers are now able to use the MSI Packages feature

We've added Hardware/Software Inventory & Reporting to Standard version

  • All Standard license customers now have full software/hardware inventory and reporting functionality, previously reserved for the Professional Edition

We've also enabled the USB/Port Security feature for all Standard and Professional licenses

  • Now all Standard and Professional license customers have access to this popular feature at no additional cost

We've spent some time implementing performance improvements.  In this release, we've fixed issues that customers have reported and have found and fixed numerous intermittent bugs, performance bottlenecks, and stability issues.

See Release Notes for a complete list.

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