Written by Andrew Bachler


Microsoft Windows 2008 Operating System installation is Not officially supported on Dell PowerEdge 14th Generation (14G) Servers. (This Install procedure was only tested on R640 / R740 platforms)

Dell highly recommends that you migrate to a supported OS. This should not be considered a long term solution and only used temporarily until migration to a supported OS and Platform.

For the 14th Generation PowerEdge Servers there is only support for USB 3.0 and Windows 2008 only supported USB 2.0 from the base installation media. To work around this issue we purchased a Generic USB PCIe 2.0 card with 3 external USB 2.0 ports to connect the (DVD, Mouse, and Keyboard) We also used a USB hub to daisy chain the additional USB Key to install the required Perc Driver during the installation process.

Windows 2008 installation is supported in Virtualized environment. This method is only for the Physical PowerEdge server installation.

By using this method of USB Card and PERC drivers and steps as shown below will result in successful installation of Windows 2008 on 14G servers. There is NO Dell official support for this process and should be used at your own risk

Please contact your Sales/Account Team if you are interested to learn more about this solution.

To learn more about Dell Custom Solutions Engineering visit www.dell.com/customsolutions

We also require a Disclaimer form to be signed as a acknowledgment by the customer they are aware this is not supported by Dell and there are associated risks the customer must assume.