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    Custom Solutions Engineering


Dell EMC certifies and supports a large number of components but some businesses have requirements that fall outside of what is currently supported.

Dell EMC’s Custom Solutions Engineering (CSE) team works with businesses that require the integration of non-Dell supported, yet technically feasible components with Dell products (servers, laptops, workstations etc...)

This group of highly skilled engineers certifies 3rd party hardware, non-standard operating systems, and alternative hardware configurations. The team can develop custom UEFI, BIOS, and firmware to support specific requirements.

Project Categorization

Custom Solutions Engineering engage in the following projects:

Proof of Concept

Validation of unique hardware and software configurations.


Custom Solution Development

Integration of change management and monitoring solutions utilizing “customized” operating system images, hardware, & software.


Legacy and Non Standard OS Validation / Certifications

Execution of a vendor supplied operating system certification test or validation of a specific configuration for both legacy and non-standard operating systems. Examples: Debian Linux or Solaris support on Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers


Custom Integration:

Certification of non-standard and untested (by Dell) hardware & software with Dell products.

Engagement Model

Businesses interested in exploring a project may contact their account team who then coordinate with the Custom Solutions Engineering Team to determine the requirements and feasibility. Note that the CSE team may not be in a position to engage on every project.


You may contact your account team or email