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Datacenter Scalable Solutions

Datacenter Scalable Solutions

Datacenter Scalable Solutions
Dell DSS is able to understand customers’ business drivers and enable them to continue to expand and grow their business globally

History of Dell Data Center Solutions

In March 2007, Dell introduced a new line of business called Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) to specifically address the needs of the world’s largest web and social media companies. These hyperscale customers were building significant datacenter capacity that needed a new type of server to support their massive scale. We continue to partner with these customers to design and build fully custom and tailored solutions to address their unique needs.

Dell was the first major vendor to recognize the unique requirements of the hyperscale market when it created DCS and since has celebrated many milestones, including:

  • Jun 2007:  Created industry’s first 4-in-2U density-optimized server that is now prevalent in the industry.
  • Sept 2007: Invented the microserver category
  • July 2008:  Designed first UL-certified Modular Data Center for hyperscale customer
  • Mar 2010:  Launched PowerEdge C from DCS expertise
  • Early 2011: Helped get Open Compute Project off the ground with ‘Wildcat’ and ‘Spitfire’ server solutions
  • Early 2011:   Produced the industry’s lowest power usage effectiveness (1.014) modular data center
  • May 2012:  Deployed 1st ARM server by enabling key partners with “Copper”
  • Oct 2012:  Shipped one millionth hyperscale server since founding
  • Oct 2013:  Accelerated the development of the 64-bit ARM ecosystem and supported testing with select customers
  • Oct 2014:  Revealed an ultra-dense storage server capable of holding 720 terabytes of data in a single 4U chassis at Dell World

Introducing Dell Datacenter Scalable Solutions

The market has evolved since the creation of DCS, with a growing number of businesses just below the hyperscale space in size – including research organization, oil & gas, web tech, telecommunications service providers and hosting companies. These customers were expressing similar needs in how they buy and build datacenter capabilities, but without the need or desire for fully tailored solutions.

Over the years, Dell has consistently focused on these customers and their changing needs.  From DCS to delivering PowerEdge C products, the customer always comes first.  Now Dell is evolving with the market by creating a new business model to address the unique needs of these customers, called Dell Datacenter Scalable Solutions (DSS).  Dell DSS is focused on creating agile, scalable, and repeatable processes to serve a market of customers who require agility and flexibility from product design to fulfillment to services. 

Dell DSS is able to leverage the quality of Dell’s enterprise and DCS portfolio, along with Dell’s global support and supply chain capabilities, to give customers exactly what they want.  Key capabilities include:

  • Hardware optimization
  • Design and fulfillment model collaboration
  • New technology partnership
  • Tailored services and warranty

By leveraging our years of hyperscale expertise from DCS, Dell DSS is able to understand customers’ business drivers and enable them to continue to expand and grow their business globally.

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