Let there be no doubt about it…


Day after day you keep your company’s data safe. You rescue deleted files. You restore data gone missing. You reconfigure and remount applications. Seriously – you are our hero!

Today is International Bacon Day (again, seriously!) and because you told us how @DellDP saved your bacon while you demonstrated your backup and recovery superpowers, we’re doing the Bacon Dance around our computers and pulling out all the stops to say WELL DONE!

In case you missed some of the AWESOME BURA stories out there – let’s rewind and give a Bacon Shout Out to…

Did we miss your story?   Tell us, you hero, you!  Let us give you some bacon love and tell the world how amazing you are! Email us directly at Laureen.Smith@software.dell.com or Marian.Newsome@software.dell.com (and pictures – we love pictures!).

Thank you. All of you. Thank you for saving the day, saving your company’s data, saving the bacon.

In our Bacon Book, you’re a ROCKSTAR!