The Active System Manager video series is a collection of self-help videos that demonstrates how to deploy, configure, and use ASM in your environment. Each collection in the series will walk you through a set of related topics, and is organized into 2-3 minute chapters that cover a specific topic.

The first topic is Getting Started with ASM. This series will walk you through the initial installation and configuration of the ASM virtual appliance, as well as the actual Getting Started wizard page within ASM that is used for initial discovery and configuration of your resources.

After walking through this series, in conjunction with the associated documentation (i.e. the Installation and User Guides), you will have a functional instance of Active System Manager in your environment, and will be ready to start creating templates and deploying services.


The initial Getting Started topic is organized into 7 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Deployment of the ASM Appliance
  • Chapter 2 – Initial Configuration of Appliance Networking
  • Chapter 3 – Getting Started Page - Step 1: Setup
  • Chapter 4 – Getting Started Page – Step 2: Networks
  • Chapter 5 – Getting Started Page – Step 3: Discover
  • Chapter 6 – Getting Started Page – Step 4: Configure
  • Chapter 7 – Getting Started Page – Step 5: Publish


Chapter 1 – Deployment of the ASM Appliance

This video covers the initial installation of the ASM appliance from an OVF or VHD file.