Dell Cloud Manager (formerly Enstratius) is a cloud infrastructure management solution that enables organizations to easily manage cloud resources and application deployments across private, public and hybrid clouds. Where cloud services software (i.e. Eucalyptus, Joyent and Citrix CloudStack) target the delivery of cloud as a service, Dell Cloud Manager is focused on the consumption of one or more cloud services through a single pane of glass management platform. Available as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as on-premises software that enables you to control the cloud from within your own data centers, Dell Cloud Manager provides agility, governance, and choice for enterprises.

 Dell Cloud Manager includes:

  • Fine-grained role-based access controls
  • Financial controls
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Auto-scaling, auto-recovery, automated backups
  • Integration with leading configuration management tools including Chef and Puppet
  • REST-based API for easy integration with backend operations systems and tools like billing, monitoring, and ticketing

We currently support Amazon Web Services, AT&T Synaptic Storage, Bluelock, CloudCentral, Cloudscaling OCS, Apache CloudStack, Citrix CloudPlatform, CloudSigma, Dell, Dimension Data, EMC Atmos, Eucalyptus, Google Storage, HP Cloud Services, Joyent Cloud, OpenStack, Rackspace, Terremark, VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud Express and Windows Azure. We provide cloud management for Windows as well as all leading flavors of Linux.