Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint

Customers subscribe to Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint 2013 as a managed service. This service offers the Standard and Enterprise versions of SharePoint 2013 hosted on Dell Cloud. Customers sign a standard services contract with monthly billing.

Key features

  • Installation, configuration and 24 x 7 x 365 support.
  • Monitoring and notification for storage threshold alerts.
  • OS & application patch administration/maintenance.
  • Backup and restoration of SharePoint environment.
  • Network, firewall & security monitoring/ maintenance.
  • Active Directory integration via ADFS with domain controller residing in the cloud.

Key customer benefits

  • Enhanced productivity by providing an easy to use collaboration and document management solution.
  • Reduction in Cap-ex and Op-ex expenses by not buying, building and maintaining the required infrastructure.
  • Build the solution in a “test” environment then easily move into production for use by your customers.
  • Better utilization of IT personnel. Rather than spend much of their time in the mundane tasks of caring and feeding for SharePoint 2013 and its associated infrastructure, IT personnel can spend more of their time dealing with more strategic activities.

Buck Avey announces the newly available Dell Cloud Service for SharePoint: