DevOps is a movement that originated in Web-scale and cloud-based companies. Its goal is to reduce friction and increase velocity thereby allowing organizations to innovate faster, be more responsive to customer needs and deliver better quality.  This is accomplished by breaking down the silos between Developers and Operations and getting the two sides to work together.  

Above all else DevOps is a cultural change and the key concepts that support this change are iteration, feedback, automation and measurement.   Besides a new mindset, DevOps is characterized by new tools and new skills.

DevOps basics and reference material

Containers and Microservices 

Containers and microservices have become key enablers of devops and the development of cloud native applications.  Below are assets that explain containers and microservices and the ecosystem around them as well as research conducted by Forrester Research examining current usage and adoption.

  • An overview: Devops, Containers and Microservices, An overview -- Presentation
  • Containers and Microservices are reinventing software applications -- White paper
  • Containers and Microservices - Adoption Trends 2017 - Forrester Research -- Webinar
  • Containers: Real Adoption And Use Cases In 2017 - Forrester Research -- White paper

Dell/Joyent effort

  • Working on Triton in the lab, what’s on the horizon
  • Installation details for Joyent’s Triton — Dell CTO lab
  • The platform supporting Joyent’s Triton — Dell CTO lab
  • Intro: Setting up Joyent’s Triton in Dell’s CTO lab
  • Flocker plugin for Dell Storage on GitHub
  • Using DevOps to produce Dell's Active System Manager
  • Containerizing an old school Dell application