Participating Industry Experts Include:

  • Jared Carstensen – Manager, Enterprise Risk Services at Deloitte @jaredcarstensen

    I am a senior Information Technology & Information Security specialist with 10 years’ international experience and a certified industry professional by the International Information Systems Security Consortium (ISC)2, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), British Standards Institute (BSI UK), Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), City & Guilds, and the NCC (UK).

    I have contributed and lead projects for organisations such as Dell Services (Perot Systems), Fujitsu Services, Allied Irish Bank, PayPal, KBC Bank, First Bank Nigeria, Irish Revenue Commissioners, Quintiles Transnational, and the Irish Continental Group to name a few. 

    I have lead successful projects in Ireland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, South Africa, and United States. These included world first compliance projects in West Africa, South Africa and United States.

    I regularly contribute as a member of the following organisations – International Information Systems Security Consortium (ISC)2, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), and the British Standards Institute (BSI), and 

    I have been a guest speaker at a number of events and conferences on subjects such as Data Protection, Child Safety online, Cyber Crime, Cloud Computing, ISO 27001, Business Continuity, and Forensic Investigations. I have contributed to numerous industry related publications (SC Magazine, PenTest Magazine to name a few) and was recently selected as a member of the IT Governance Expert Panel (10+ Domains) and an advisory panel member for


    Information Security, Cloud Computing, Business Continuity, Compliance and Management Systems, Risk Identification, Risk Assessment & Evaluation, Risk Monitoring, IT Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Log Management & Event Correlation, IT GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) Security Governance, Information Security and Management Systems Design, Implementation and Training.


  • Richard Morrell – Cloud Product Evangelist at Red Hat @dickmorrell

    Richard has spent more than the the last fifteen years working in Open Source. Starting out working with Linuxcare and VA Linux in San Francisco around the same time that Red Hat was incorporated.

    He has worked worldwide on some of the largest Open Source projects and deployments and counts many of the movers and shakers of the Linux world as close trusted friends and family with all the respect and responsibility that that encompasses. He was the founder and co-author of SmoothWall the GPL firewall project with over 10m users. He was co-founder of the company of the same name that is still trading successfully over a decade post inception. One of the worlds only successful privately funded, non VC staked Open Source success stories that over a decade later is still profitable with good staff and a good story to tell globally. All from a vision and hard work started in a home office in August 2000 and an ethos to do something ethically and get to market proving Linux was there to be counted.

    One of the early founder staffers at Zimbra in 2006/7 pre the Yahoo acquisition and working with companies including BT, Comcast and others to push and promote Open Source.

    Until 2011 he was a UK Government appointed certified CLAS consultant and advisor to the UK MoD on everything Linux and OpenSource on projects up to and including Battlespace deployed technologies harnessing Unix derivatives and hardened Linux. Influencing and walking the corridors in environments from the White House to the European Parliament Richard has been able to get Linux top dead centre direct into the fabric of deployed platforms across the globe. He still holds the mantle of being the first Linux bod to get US Government K12 approval for his codebase at SmoothWall and to achieve HIPAA compliance for use in US Federal Government. Security topics especially high level architecture, application and governance areas many of which affect Cloud will often find their way here for discussion as a theme and as a hugely influential piece of the fabric of Cloud.

    Richard is now charged with reaching out to the people in the technical community, the business community and the Open Source communities essential to the continued growth of all the goodness that has grown Linux and Open Source since day one.


  • Max Cooter – Editor at Cloud Pro @maxcooter 

    I have been working with and writing about the Internet since the early 90s. I have been responsible for developing a number of online sites aimed at IT professionals, as well as writing for a theatre website in my spare time. I've spent 26 years as a journalist - although I've had a couple of sorties into the PR dark side in that time. I also ran my own publishing business, Positive Productions, in the late 80s.

    As well as my editing and writing skills, I have chaired and spoken at several conferences in the field of IT and have been an industry expert on several broadcast media outlets.


    Online publishing; writing; subbing, commissioning

    Source: LinkedIn 

  • Clive Longbotton-  Co-Founder & Service Director at Quocirca, Ltd @clivel_98 

    Trained as a chemical engineer, worked on anti-cancer drugs, car catalysts and fuel cells before moving in to IT. Worked on many office automation projects, as well as COSHH, document management and knowledge management projects.

    Became a consultant and then an IT industry analyst through META Group in the US (now part of Gartner). 

    Deals well with C-level execs and can discuss many areas of business and how IT can be utilised to help meet changes in business processes and market dynamics.


    Broad-reach business and IT analyst, covering business process and service-based infrastructures. Motivational speaker, rapid and concise insights into issues and possible solutions, large knowledge of technology sector and trends.

    Source: LinkedIn

  • Martin Molloy – Principal Consultant, KMPG
  • Laurent Lachal – Cloud Computing Research Lead at Ovum  @OvumICT x

    Experienced software industry analyst currently in charge of Ovum's cloud computing research practice, working in close co-operation with other Ovum analysts to cover the various aspects of cloud computing and its impact on the IT market.


    Thorough and well rounded understanding of the software market, sharp mind developed through continuous exposure at the highest level of decision making and excellent writing and communication skills. I have delivered insight through comment papers, market and technology reports, product evaluations (application software evaluations e.g. ERP software as well as infrastructure software evaluation e.g. EAI and BPM software), conference presentations, workshops and consultancy assignments.

    Source: LinkedIn

  • Christopher Millard – Professor of Privacy and Information Law, Queen Mary, University of London, Oxford Internet Institute at University of Oxford, Bristoows
  • Sebastien Goasgeun - Cloud Computing Evangelist, EMEA at Citrix @sebgoa x

    10 years of experience in R&D in the area of high performance computing and distributed/Internet computing. Led and managed several inter-organizational projects in computational science and grid/cloud computing. Raised over $12M for R&D projects from federal agencies and industries.
    Wrote over 60 journal and conference publications in international venues.
    Taught courses, organized workshops,tutorials, conferences.


    Virtualized computing systems, Cloud computing.
    Management/leadership skills, Vision, Thought leader.
    Work across organizational boundaries to achieve success.

    Source: LinkedIn 

  • Tony Lucas – Founder, SVP Product at Flexiant

    An avid technology 'geek', with an aptitude for discovering and inventing new ideas and systems, mainly involving or heavily using communication and internet technologies. Enthusiastic evangelist of cloud computing and relevant technologies.


    IT Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Utility Computing, SaaS, IaaS, hosting.

    Source: LinkedIn

  • Jacqui Sasserth – Director and Co-Owner Cognitive Channels, Ltd. @JacquiSasserath

    25 years (UK and European) Tech vendor channel, sales & marketing experience. 
    Ouch has it really been that long – I must have started very young!

    Co-founder of Cognitive Channels, a UK based, IT B2B channel consultancy with a frank, open approach and deep partnering knowledge to help vendors pin-point how best to build a B2B channel business

    • Maximising mindshare and sales from existing partners 
    • Justifying channel investment and balance the resources versus the revenue
    • Finding incremental business through the right partners
    • Independent assessments and comparisons

    We specialise in building lasting, profitable partner relationships. 

    We offer a depth of knowledge and experience that could only have been achieved by years of working in the industry so we can evaluate both where you are and where you should be – and then formulate and implement a plan of action. Do not sell me consulting - sell me insight, understanding, and how to shine at my job!!

    • Is your channel strategy really taking your business forward?
    • Do you have a great value proposition both to and through partners?
    • Do you need to recruit more partners or just work more effectively with the ones you have?
    • Is your sales and marketing really joined up?
    • Is your lead generation effective?

    If you recognize any of these challenges then perhaps we can help? 
    Personally have a passion for horses and actively participate in the sport as well as skiing and more recently sailing. My personal website is which combines the business of networking with IT and horses!


    Channel Development, Trouble-shooting, IT marketing, Stakeholder management, verbalising value propositions, making IT understandable to non-technical audiences, presenting, speaker opportunities, social and business networking and development, channel and partner marketing.

    Source: LinkedIn
  • Dr Will Venters – University Lecturer, Information Systems at London School of Economics

    Main Research interests:

    Cloud Computing
    Knowledge Management 
    Software Engineering 
    Globally Distributed Practices 
    Information Systems Development 

    Current Research Projects

    Principle Investigator for Pegasus: Studying Particle Physicists Engagement with the Grid. (EPSRC Funded) 
    Co-Investigator in Connecting for Health Evaluation of Electronic Prescribing Service. 

    Other Activities

    Member of the board of trustees of YouthNet (an exclusively online charity).
    Faculty Editor of iSChannel Journal


    Knowledge Management, Information Systems,Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Global Systems Development.

    Source: LinkedIn
  • Ian Turner – VP & UK Country Manager, Intralinks
  • Duncan Jonhston-Watt - CEO, CloudSoft Corporation @duncanjw 

    I am the Founder & CEO of Cloudsoft Corporation. Prior to Cloudsoft I was Founder & CTO of Enigmatec Corporation which was sold to iWave.

    I have extensive experience developing technology for the financial services industry specialising in the development of large-scale systems including the global FX and Money Markets data delivery infrastructure for BNP and the Fixed Income analytics infrastructure at UBS. 

    In April 1998 I joined the Reuters Group subsidiary, Instinet Corporation as CTO of their Fixed Income Division.

    At Instinet I pioneered the use of Java enterprise technologies in Financial Services and led the development of their Fixed Income brokerage platform. This was launched in March 2000 and in recognition of this work I was a Computerworld Smithsonian Award Laureate in April 2000

    I hold an MSc in Computation from Oxford University where I was a graduate student at Balliol College.


    Cloud Computing, Grid Computing, Utility Computing, Distributed Computing, Financial Services Trading Systems

    Source: LinkedIn 

Dell is also sending a team of cloud experts to join in the conversation:

  • David Tait – Executive Director, Services at Dell
  • Tom Callaghan – Solutions Architect Director, Services at Dell
  • Stephen Spector – Cloud Evangelist at Dell @SpectorAtDell