Solution Grounded in Experience Equals Success
Cloud success is in reach with the Dell OpenStack™-Powered Cloud Solution. With knowledge and experience from Dell, you can build a cloud foundation that is designed to handle massive data loads and still remain flexible and scalable. As one of the pioneering members of the OpenStack community, Dell has partnered with a network comprising more than 100 corporations that tally over 1,100 expert developers worldwide.

Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud IaaS Solution Components
The Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution includes the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution software, services from Dell and Rackspace® Cloud Builders, plus the Dell-developed Crowbar software.

Crowbar provides the perfect companion toolset, which gives you:

  • An out-of-the-box, cloud builder tool that supports multinode Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution deployment on bare-metal servers in a few minutes to hours, not days or weeks.
  • The perfect tool to design, maintain and expand the complete solution, including BIOS configuration, network discovery, status monitoring, performance data gathering and alerting.
  • An all-round open source solution when paired with the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution.

Tested Reference Architecture and Support
Get a Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution reference architecture that was built and tested on Dell PowerEdge™ C servers with an operational approach (DevOps) for automated system configuration and management, which provides capabilities like the following:

  • Scriptable deployments that can go from bare metal to updating specific component locations without operator intervention.
  • Rapid iteration to design and build models in your environment as many times as needed.
  • A design you can see run in your environment, with your requirements. You determine when you have exactly the right cloud model. No guessing is involved.

Add support and training, and your path into the cloud is clear. Dell ProSupport™ provides the help you need, and Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution training courses can help your cloud administrators and developers get up to speed quickly.

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