Together, Dell EMC and Red Hat deliver flexible, validated, and enterprise-hardened OpenStack cloud solutions. The jointly-engineered solutions are designed, validated, and fully integrated from Red Hat OpenStack Platform software and Dell EMC enterprise cloud components to accelerate time to value with open and flexible configurations that maximize choice and eliminate lock-in. These solutions enable your implementation of private and hybrid clouds through enterprise-grade software, certified platforms, and professional services and support. OpenStack cloud solutions from Red Hat and Dell EMC help you to transform IT service delivery by deploying flexible and highly scalable cloud services that enable a future ready IT infrastructure.

So what does this really mean for you?

  • OpenStack Cloud Solutions, co-engineered and validated by Red Hat and Dell EMC, help enterprises launch cloud implementations faster and more efficiently, while reducing risk and accelerating time to business value.

  • These open, secure, and reliable solutions remove complexity and stabilize the OpenStack operating environment, allowing organizations to confidently build out agile, dynamic, customer-focused cloud foundations for business transformation.

  • Recent extensions to the Dell EMC Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Solution expand the capabilities to include hybrid cloud management and self-service automation with CloudForms, and powerful Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities for application delivery using a standardized container model with OpenShift Container Platform, Docker, and Kubernetes. 


The latest release is the Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack version 6.0.1, based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform 9 (OSP 9). This release, which uses OpenStack Mitaka, delivers enhanced deployment automation, in-service upgrades, and options to implement containers as a service with Red Hat OpenShift 3.3, using Docker and Kubernetes. Read more about this release below and on the latest Dell4Enterprise blog.



Please stay tuned! New documents will be posted here soon for Release 10 of the Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack Platform.  Read the announcement blog on Direct2DellEMC


Technical Resources

The following technical resources are available for this release. .  In addition to the Architecture Guide, which is the primary document for the solution, several Technical Guides regarding OpenStack extensions and best practices are available, as listed below. 

  •  Information on containers, and how they are used with and complement OpenStack, can be found on the Container Compendium page onTechCenter.


Dell EMC and Red Hat Web Pages

  • More information and collateral on the Dell EMC Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Solution can be found at
  • Information on the Dell EMC and Red Hat Global Alliance can be found at and


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Ceph Standalone Storage Solutions

In addition to using Red Hat Ceph Storage as the storage backend of the Dell EMC Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Solution, Dell EMC offers several standalone software-defined storage solutions based on Red Hat Ceph, including the Dell EMC DSS 7000 Storage Server and the Dell EMC PowerEdge R730xd server.  Find out more with the following resources:

DSS 7000 with Red Hat Ceph Storage 2:

Dell EMC DSS 7000 Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 Performance and Sizing Guide

Taking Open, Scale-out Object Storage to New Heights with the DSS 7000 Storage Server 

PowerEdge R730xd with Red Hat Ceph Storage 1.3.2:

Dell PowerEdge R730xd Red Hat Ceph Storage Performance and Sizing Guide


Core OpenStack Solution Components

The Dell EMC Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Solution includes core software, hardware, professional services, and support.

Core Software Components from Red Hat

The solution architecture is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 9, also known as the Mitaka release of OpenStack.

Delivers both the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and Red Hat OpenStack Platform in a single hardened and fully supported software distribution

In the same manner Red Hat distributes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a packaged, tested, and supported software package sold as an annual software subscription

Red Hat performs compatibility testing, code back-porting, code patches and updates. The result is a stable, reliable and secure enterprise operating environment

An extensive library of proven software from partners ensures customer choice for complementary applications that match their requirements.

Core Hardware Components from Dell EMC

The solution architecture includes Dell EMC server, storage, and networking infrastructure, bundled and validated system configurations, and a complete bill of materials. The core configuration includes all the necessary components for a complete, validated solution.

Server hardware delivers the latest Intel® Xeon® processor family, high-performance memory, and a broad range of local storage options.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R630 server, used for the compute and controller nodes, is a hyper-dense, two-socket, 1U rack server. With computing capability previously only seen in 2U servers, the PowerEdge R630 delivers an impressive solution for cloud infrastructure. Optional server configurations are discussed in the Reference Architecture Guide.

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R730xd is an exceptionally flexible and scalable, two-socket 2U rack server. Designed with an incredible range of configurability, the PowerEdge R730xd meets the needs of many different workloads. Storage is built out in blocks of 3x PowerEdge R730xd servers that delivers high performance processing and a broad range of workload-optimized local storage possibilities, including hybrid tiering.

Network configuration and topology include ToR switch configurations that utilize the Dell Networking S3048 for 1 GbE and S4810 for 10 GbE, plus optional use of the S6000 for large scale multi-rack networking.

Dell EMC also delivers deployment automation for both the Dell EMC hardware and the Red Hat OSP software.

Red Hat and Dell EMC Professional Services

Jointly designed and coordinated services are provided to assist customers in the planning, deployment, training, and implementation: 

Assessment and feasibility – available from both Red Hat and Dell EMC

Cloud solution consulting– available from both Red Hat and Dell EMC

Hardware deployment and configuration – provided by Dell EMC Enterprise Deployment Team

Network implementation – provided by Dell EMC Enterprise Deployment Team

Software deployment and configuration – provided by Red Hat professional services

Red Hat and Dell EMC Support

Together, Red Hat and Dell EMC deliver an enterprise lifecycle experience by providing stable releases of OpenStack code that is integrated with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system, packaged together as Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and fully certified on Dell EMC hardware platforms. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform support provides long-term stability that includes security fixes, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and selected OpenStack features that can be back-ported and implemented without disrupting production environments.

Customer support is provided via a collaborative model. Dell EMC ProSupport accepts all customer support calls, validates the request and determines if the issue is related to hardware or software. Dell EMC provides any necessary hardware repairs. If required, Dell EMC executes a warm hand off to Red Hat for L1, L2, L3 customer software issues. Red Hat engineers are experienced, and knowledgeable in Linux and OpenStack to resolve problems quickly.