On April 6, 2017, John Terpstra, Director of Cloud Architecture and Software Engineering at Dell EMC, gave an OpenShift Commons briefing via a webinar entitled “Unwrapping Cloud Native Services.”   

This presentation starts with a simple but important premise, which is about the necessity of getting the right message across to IT management and stakeholders regarding OpenShift, cloud native services, and open source initiatives whenever the opportunity arises.  But then it dives deeper into digital trends and forces of change, key software application engineering challenges, and compares different workload deployment methods and execution efficiencies across bare metal, virtual machines, containers on bare via a webinar, and containers on virtual machines.

It ultimately explains that cloud native microservices enable more flexible, higher performing, agile code – which can come at the cost of increased complexity, but which can in turn be simplified by automation.  So therefore an intelligent transformation is necessary, and OpenShift allows us to create faster development to deployment cycles which can be used for competitive advantage

You can download a PDF of the presentation above, or view the webinar session online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV0je6b8_Ck