This document is written to help an organization create and deploy an on-premise private cloud instance contained within its own network space, using computing and storage resources under its direct control. The document discusses key areas of integrated Dell computing and networking hardware, based on the Dell PowerEdge R630 and R730xd servers and Dell Networking S4048-ON and S3048-ON open networking switches, with SUSE® OpenStack Cloud software, including specific information to leverage the highly automated nature of the software.

Following these recommendations and best practices will allow an organization to quickly and confidently deploy the required infrastructure that yields a secure, scalable, high performing, and highly available private cloud instance for workloads, whether targeting testing, development, or production usage of the services.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides an enterprise-grade implementation of OpenStack components and includes other tools necessary for a complete private cloud implementation. Augmenting the upstream OpenStack projects, SUSE OpenStack Cloud includes a complete deployment framework based upon the Crowbar and Chef projects in addition to providing core services such as the underlying database and message queue. With its multi-hypervisor support, SUSE OpenStack Cloud affords choice in the virtualization arena while leveraging existing expertise; however, this implementation focuses on a single hypervisor technology. To meet the needs of an inherently multi-user platform like a private cloud, both the control plane and the compute plane are made highly available to complement the inherent resiliency in the storage services.