This document describes the Mirantis OpenStack reference architecture for cloud and cloud native applications for Dell hardware, which is a fully-validated deployment of Mirantis OpenStack on Dell PowerEdge R630 and R730xd servers networked with Dell Networking S3048-ON and S4048-ON open networking switches.

This reference architecture details all hardware and software components of Mirantis OpenStack for Cloud Native Apps with Dell; it describes their physical integration and logical interoperation; and it discusses certain in-depth critical aspects of the design relevant to performance, high availability, data-loss prevention, and scaling.

The reference architecture is engineered as a scalable, rack-based OpenStack dev/test/production environment for cloud-native applications. It comes with the Murano catalog preloaded to support deployment of developer tools, databases, CI/CD toolchain elements (e.g., Jenkins), leading PaaS solutions (e.g., Cloud Foundry), containers and orchestrators (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes) and other solutions, including those available in the online OpenStack Community App Catalog. Neutron networking allows for self-service networking isolated by tenants while Ceph provides both block and object storage to support various application types.