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PE C6100 BMC "Not alive" recovery procedure


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PE C6100 BMC "Not alive" recovery procedure

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This may be very useful as it seems many people face the issue of C6100 nodes crashing when adding LAN parameters to the BMC from BIOS. This can crash the BMC/corrupt the firmware so the node no longer sees the BMC. The node will appear to not function, but if you give it ~20 minutes, it will will typically POST and give the message "BMC Not Alive" during POST.

The issue is recoverable, the problem is corrupt firmware.

First download the C6100 BMC firmware update from Dell:

You’ll want the first option on the page labeled “Floppy.”

You'll need to create a DOS bootable flash drive, I usually use a program called Rufus.. 

Once you’ve got the DOS disk created:

Run the.exe that was downloaded from Dell, it will extract two directories- KCSFlash and SOCFlash, copy them both directly to the DOS drive.

Now boot the node to the DOS drive- you may need to press F11 in POST to get the boot menu where you can select the drive.

Once you’ve booted to the drive and have reached the DOS command line, commands will be as follows:

cd socflash

cd dos


Reboot back to the DOS drive to run KCSflash:

 cd kcsflash

cd dos

KCSFLASH -c 0 -t 0 -i 5442H133.ROM –r

(the batch file found with KCS does nothing)

SOCFlash is a utility provided by the chip manufacturer, it doesn't care what state the BMC is in, if it detects the chip, it will flash it and effectively repair it. Once it is working with factory firmware, it will take the Dell firmware. KCSFlash is the Dell firmware utility.



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  • Hello,
         I had a problem with is powerEdge C6100 ( CDS6005 ), but my server unbootable . I can not accessed the bios or boot from Dos . at startup tries to initialize BMC but after it goes out .
    How to recover BMC now?
  • sorry, dcs 6005 a variation of C6100
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  • Thank you for providing this guide. I had the problem you described (set static IP via BIOS). The error message I got was "BMC Not Responding" (not "BMC Not Alive"), and booting took "only" 2 minutes longer than normal (not 20), but I figured I'd try this solution anyway.

    I prepared a boot stick and booted the node. I ran flash8.bat without problems and then I rebooted as per your instruction. After reboot the node briefly showed it was waiting for BMC and then switched off and couldn't be switched on again until I power cycled the whole machine. After that the same thing happened again, briefly waiting and then switch off. Needless to say, I never got to the KCSFLASH part.

    Now I'm in a bit of a picle as you can imagine. Is there any way the board could be flashed such that it returns to a usable state?