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Cant get C6100 to turn on..

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I have 2 C6100 (24 bay 2.5") Servers. When I plug in the power, the BMC light on the motherboard lights up solid for 30 seconds or so , then starts to flash. if I press the button for the machine identifier, it lights up blue, like it should. When I press the power button, nothing happens. This is on all 8 machines. It almost seems as if the power button has been disabled. I HAVE NOT updated anything on them. I have also tried clearing the CMOS, as well as a full reset. Nothing.. The machines are pretty new, and I just can figure out what is causing the issue... Any ideas?
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  • I am having this identical issue. I have not been able to get any of these machines to boot, yet they all seem to be receiving power. I also noticed that when I plug in the power supplies, the fans in the power supplies turn on, but the chassis fans never start at all. Are there any ideas what could cause this?