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C1100 (CS24-TY) High Fan Speed, L5520, X5550


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C1100 (CS24-TY) High Fan Speed, L5520, X5550

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The C1100 I have came stock with two L5520 Xeon processors
which ran at about 55 degrees Celsius and a fan speed at power on idle of

I had two X5550 Xeon processors so why not slap them in and bench
benchmark it. The outcome was faster but not too much faster, especially when
running handbrake. What I did notice is that the X5550 maintain a temp of 46
degrees Celsius and a fan speed of 5100RPM at power on idle. I cleared the CMOS/NVRAM
just to see if that would reset the fans but I got the same.

This must be because of the X5550 Xeons, right? Why does it
need to run at lower temp?  If this is
the case I would almost rather sacrifice the little bit of performance for quieter

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  • I've been running tests on C1100 servers that have not been upgraded to the newest Dell PowerEdge C1100 system firmware A01 1.82 and I'm starting to suspect that BMC 1.82 has a more aggressive fan profile.

    Can anyone confirm this?