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Dell C1100 / CS24-TY bios and ems/ibmc update


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Dell C1100 / CS24-TY bios and ems/ibmc update

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Hi everyone,

We got a stack of "C1100" systems -

The iBMC is version 1.50 and is pretty buggy, so we were hoping to update them all before putting them in production.

However the C1100 firmware updaters don't work, they complain that this is a "CS24-TY" system.

Any ideas where we can download an update? Since they are off-lease systems from Dell Financial Services, the service tag doesn't work on

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  • Joe,

    The system you linked to is a DCS CS24-TY. The DCS (Dell Custom Solutions) systems are custom builds to a different spec than the standardized systems. The C1100  does have some connection with the DCS CS24-TY, but are completely different systems from a firmware and update standpoint.  The C1100 BIOS update can actually damage the DCS CS24-TY's board. That being said the updates on are for standardized systems. To find an update, if there is one out for it you would need to contact DFS Support at 800-891-8595.

    Chris Hawk

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  • The BMC server certificate in the one I have was created by Dell in Taiwan. The box was assembled in Mexico. It says Dell on the BIOS screen unless you remove that by setting. Everything about it appears to be almost the same as the units described and pictured in the owner's manual. The BMC functions exactly as described in the C1100 BMC .pdf. The service tags are not functional as the units apparently were made for OEM's. I think they are actually called DCS-1100 or at least that is what the server support guy told me. I  got a warranty believe it or not when I registered mine with Dell online that will expire in May. You and I communicated via twitter and email earlier on that bricked unit I had and was lucky enough to exchange.

  • Chris,

    Contacting the DFS Support people just got me a reply that I need to go to and contact the regular Dell server support group. You guys needs to communicate a little better.

  • Joe,

    I am looking into the issue. I sent you an email requesting additional information.


    Chris Hawk

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  • I wanted to chime in and cross link a few threads with some info I thought might help people. This thread seems "related" in a "set of four". I am going to post this same post on all four in an effort to help folks...

    There are a ton of the C1100/CS-24's out there on eBay right now, and I am yet another on of the people who just couldn't say no and got one to user as a Hyper-V 2012 box (the no UI version). It just seems like about the best deal going to add some raw horsepower to your existing virtual environment (which I have at home because I am a geek and just enjoy this stuff...)

    What thee threads seemed to my saying to me (IMHO) is that there seems to be some differences in the machines out there, and that all C1100/CS24's were not created equal. What I decided was going to be my personal indicator of "the good ones versus the risky ones" was would they take the most current (at the time of this post) C1100 bios from the Dell site (B23) and BMC firmware (1.82). I contacted a couple of the sellers on eBay to see if anyone knew about this, and (NO, I DON'T WORK FOR THESE GUYS!) I ended up talking with Peter Neiman ( from one of his eBay listings. Hopefully the moderator doesn't chip that link, because the guy earned the right to be specifically mentioned in my mind. He pulled one of the servers I was looking at and updated it to the most recent version to make sure it would work. Needless to say, not having to risk spending another couple hundred bucks to replace a board that fails to update as some people are seeing is worth a ton, so I bought mine from him. Again, I don't work for these guys, and I'm not saying you have to buy from them, but whoever you buy from, it might be worth asking about BIOS and F/W before you buy. That's my $0.02.

    Hope I helped someone,


  • Jim,

    thank you for the post.  To be sure I understood you correctly, you had Peter from the Met Store, update a cs24-sc to the latest versions of the C1100 BIOS and the 1.82 BMC firmware, and after doing it, all was ok with the system?  Would you be able to post the version of BIOS that was on the cs24-sc system and the version of the BMC firmware that you upgraded as well.  Of course I found this post after I bought the system.  :-(

    I just received my system today and was wanting to insure that I did not "brick" my motherboard as well.  

    Thanks in advance ... 

    exsfcp ..

  • I'd love to know the answer to this too...

    I am not having any issues except I'm not content with how my Revodrive is being seen.  I'm intending on using my CS24 as a napp-it box.

  • He just did the ones from the site. I can link them for you if you need me to, but you'll see them right there on the pages.

  • Not working for me..

    This Update Package is not compatible with your system

    Your system: CS24-SC

    System(s) supported by this package: Cloud Products C1100

  • @hughbuchanan, as far as I know the CS24-SC is a different animal so I wouldn't expect the C1100 BIOS to flash. The CS24-SC units I've spec'd out use DDR2 whereas the CS24-TY and C1100 are DDR3.

    Also, after a week of trading calls I was able to connect with Peter at The Server Store. He said he was able to flash his Dells to the latest BIOS by using the DOS-based upgrade utility AFUDOS and passing the parameter to ignore the ROM ID. According to AMI, /X does that.

    I will try it tomorrow on my CS24-TY and report back.

  • The same case here: DELL CS24-TY (identical with C1100) and old Bios und BMC:

    Today called with Dell and they said: No Bios available for this Machines.

    So i tried to flash the Bios with sie latest C1100 Bios using afudos with /X commandline. This works for me and the system works quite well.

    After that i flashed the very old BMC with the latest Version for C1100. This also works for my System.

    I hope that this helps other Useres out there. Please check if the System ist a CS24-TY!!! Flash other Systems i Think is a risk!

  • I managed to flash the bios to 1.82.  However, I bricked the system with the BMC firmware.

    What was the command with switches used for this?  I have a new MB coming in.  This was my test box, but I have 24 I want to update.



  • Oops, BIOS flashed was B23; firmware flash ATTEMPT was 1.82

  • I also got 6 dell c1100s with old bios and bmc  firmware.

    is it safe to flash the bios and bmc firmware?  is there any good reason to update?

    how do i recognize if i have a dell cs-24ty?

  • I have flashed here one and it works quite well. But i Test ist only for a few Days and cannot say if there are some Problems now. System runs without Problems but Eventlog shows some "unknown Sensors".

    Tested under Vmware Esxi 5.1.

    Flashing BMC is tricky, because it works in 3 Steps. Firststep is making an virtual Disk didnt work her so Flashing fails.

    I have extracted the files here and do an flash manualy and this works for me.

    > how do i recognize if i have a dell cs-24ty?

    look at the Bios, The system is there shown as CS-24TY. If not better do not Flash it :-)