Over the last few week since the Azure Stack Airlift for EAI customers, we had the opportunity to listen to Service Providers from around the world and discuss our platform for Azure Stack, including our solutions for Data protection and Security. While Azure stack cannot come any sooner, there was universal recognition that we need not wait. With the single node Dell EMC developer edition, you have the opportunity to get started today.

With a continuous stream of updates to both the experience as well as Azure Services delivered since TP2, there is an opportunity to get started today. 
The single node enables you to setup evaluation units:
1. As a MSP/SP, you can start to develop your Azure Stack business model (packaging and pricing). Build and evaluate plans and offers. At Dell EMC, we offer a flexible consumption model for the infrastructure to enhance the Microsoft Azure Stack business model.
2. Evaluate PaaS with Azure App Service, Azure functions and eventually Blockchain and more
3. How to extend Azure on premises to augment your Azure Strategy
a. Look at edge and disconnected solutions to address a growing customer need
b. Modernize applications and start to develop on-prem
4. Integrate into your infrastructure with Azure AD and ADFS scenarios
This means, developers or evaluators can immediately access their own Azure Stack portal, access pre-created plans and offers, start to develop use cases around modernizing applications, exploring the consistency with Azure and how to architect and develop hybrid apps.

And yes, you can do all this on a single node for less that $10,000 and you are not paying for any of the Azure Services consumed on this box.

Below is what our single node edition for developers and evaluators :

Additionally, talk to our Customer Solution Centers to schedule a demo. Reach us at mscloud_sales@dell.com
What is coming next? We will continue to work with our early adopters as well as early customers to ensure you are ready on Day 1 to adopt and derive value from your implementation for Azure Stack. The developer edition is a key step in that direction and will get a GA code update and continue to be available beyond GA. We will also continue to engage you through our Dell Customer Solution Centers  and partnering with Microsoft Technology Centers to deliver PoCs, webinars and workshops to keep you educated and updated on Azure Stack. Also, for any questions, please email mscloud_sales@dell.com for more information.

Next Steps:
Get the Dell EMC developer node (PE R630): mailto:mscloud_sales@dell.com
Get TP3 code: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/azure-stack/try/
Azure Stack documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-stack/


Other useful links
TP3 Blog: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/hybrid-application-innovation-with-azure-and-azure-stack/
Business model: https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/azurestack/Azure-Stack-extends-cloud-economic-model-on-premises-with-pay-as-you-use-pricing