Last week Michael Dell and Satya Nadella announced the industry first integrated system for Hybrid Cloud at Dell World. At Dell we believe that the future of cloud is Hybrid and for those IT organizations and Services providers looking to rapidly deploy a cloud solution, we have a fully integrated and modular system that can be customized to meet your needs.


For a few years now, Dell and Microsoft have been working closely on bringing the learnings of building and operating one of the largest public clouds to the data center. The goal to provide an Azure-like experience to Enterprise customers and Service providers. Last year, we unveiled Cloud Platform System (CPS) Premium that has revolutionized how customer deploy and operate a private clouds at a large scale. Over the past year, we heard your feedback and have built a mid-size hybrid cloud with the same principles as CPS premium, but more modular with the ability to start small and pay as you grow. The Dell Hybrid Cloud System for Microsoft CPS Standard is the second of the Cloud Platform System (CPS) family of products.


Key features include:

  1. Fully integrated cloud stack with System Center and Windows Azure Pack
  2. Integrated multi-cloud management and Azure IaaS with Dell Cloud Manager
  3. Discretely scalable compute and storage blocks.
  4. Non-Disruptive and Sequenced Patch and Update process with and Microsoft and Dell updates tested, validated and packaged quarterly.
  5. Integrated Hybrid Cloud Integration for Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery and OpsInsight.
  6. Dell Financial Services models to convert CAPEX to OPEX with models based around consumption and lowering risk.


Our goal is to enable you to confidently adopt cloud in your data center with predictable results with a solution aiming to lower your risk for adoption, streamline operations and simplify supply chain.


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