This week, Citrix is marking another milestone in the evolution of cloud computing with the release of Citrix CloudPlatform 4.3. The Dell Cloud Manager team has been working with the CloudPlatform team since the early days of cloud computing—going as far back to the days when we were called enStratus talking to a cloud platform created by a company then called VMOps. Both of us have gone through name changes and acquisitions since those days. Today, we are Dell Cloud Manager and VMOps ( is Citrix CloudPlatform, but the principles behind our work together remain the same.

Back in 2009, the young enStratus—who at the time supported the “multi-cloud” world of AWS and Rackspace—became one of the first (if not the first) third-party solution to support the nascent cloud platform of VMOps. This support marked our entrance into the private cloud and cloud service provider market and introduced one of the key value propositions that still remains true in Dell Cloud Manager—the ability to deploy DCM behind your firewall and control the management plane for both your private and public cloud computing infrastructures.

Dell Cloud Manager is software that manages one or more public clouds or private cloud platforms like Citrix CloudPlatform. For the developer, Dell Cloud Manager represents a single tool for interacting simultaneously with their private CloudPlatform-based cloud and their public clouds like Amazon Web Services. For the IT operator, Dell Cloud Manager serves as a workload and workflow coordinator to ensure that the same IT policies and controls are applied across all cloud infrastructures that the company is leveraging.

enStratus/Enstratius/Dell Cloud Manager has gone to market together with VMOps/ CloudPlatform in customer environments in every release since our initial support.  We continue that tradition with the latest Apache CloudStack releases and, of course, Citrix CloudPlatform 4.3. As we roll out support for CloudPlatform 4.3, Dell Cloud Manager customers leveraging CloudPlatform will gain access to greater choice in interoperability with CloudPlatform support for  Hyper-V and third-party data center infrastructure that includes native support for compute, network, security, and storage components from Cisco, Juniper, and NetApp. 

When you combine the infrastructure choices that Citrix CloudPlatform enables with the cloud choices that Dell Cloud Manager enables, you end up with a proven, comprehensive public and private cloud computing strategy that avoids vendor lock-in.  You can then feel free to make the decision of where your cloud workloads go based on the performance and compliance needs of the workloads, not the whims of a virtualization or public cloud vendor.

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