There are three steps in connecting to the iDRAC from the CMC. First you need to enable the LAN connection to the iDRAC, then you need to set the address (if you are using static IPs). You should also set the root password to a non-default value. Below are shown both the CLI method and the web method:

- CLI method (blade 9):
$ racadm config -g cfgServerInfo -o cfgServerNicEnable 1 -i 9
Object value modified successfully
$ racadm getconfig -g cfgServerInfo -o cfgServerNicEnable -i 9
$ racadm setniccfg -m server-9 -s
Static IP address modified successfully
$racadm deploy -m server-3 -u root -p changeme
The blade was deployed successfully.
$ racadm getniccfg -m server-9
DHCP Enabled = 0
IP Address =
Subnet Mask =
Gateway =

- Web method:
- Bring up web browser against CMC
- CMC->Chassis->Servers->Setup->Deploy Network->
- select Enable LAN; fill in IP address, subnet mask and gateway; set root password; Apply